Seminole Hearts Afire TFA

2022 — Seminole, TX/US

Seminole Hearts Afire Extravaganza 

Hello all, 


We are excited to host the Hearts Afire Extravangza this year! We graciously welcome each and every one of you to attend this IN PERSON tournament. Our hope is that we create a fun and inviting atmosphere for your students to compete and learn…and hopefully pick up those last-minute qualifications! 

COVID PROTOCOLS: Masks are highly encouraged, but not required. Please use sound judgment in bringing students who appear to show symptoms of COVID-19.


We will be offering the following TFA IE events: Poetry & Prose(Reader’s choice), HI, DI, POI, OO, INFO, FX, DX,  DUO,  and DUET


We will also be offering the following debate events: 

Lincoln Douglas: TFA (Resolved: The appropriation of outer space by private entities is unjust.) 

Cross-examination: TFA (Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its protection of water resources in the United States.)

Public Forum: TFA (Resolved: On balance, Turkey’s membership is beneficial to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.)


Competitors may only enter one debate. Debate may enter Pattern B AT THEIR OWN RISK. 

Congress will utilize the TFA docket: 

Prelims: 1-15

Finals: 16-30 


The top three schools will be honored for overall sweepstakes. The following is the sweepstakes formula: 



5 points for non-placing finalists

10 points for 3rd

15 points for 2nd

20 points for 1st



3 points for non-placing finalists

5 points for 4th, 5th, 6th

10 points for 3rd

15 points for 2nd

20 points for 1st 



5 points for non-advancing quarterfinalists

10 points for non-advancing semifinalists

15 points for 2nd place

20 points for 1st place



Savanna Winn

Seminole Speech & Debate