Copper Classic

2022 — South Jordan, UT/US

Welcome to the 2022 Copper Classic Speech & Debate Tournament!

We hope that you choose to attend our tournament this coming January! We aim to be a premier tournament in Utah in terms of competition quality and hosting and we are so excited to have our halls once again filled with the community of our state’s teams!

 Our tournament is slated for January 14 - 15, 2022!

UPDATE 1/10/2022 - Per the recent rise of Covid cases, our tournament will now be hosted and attended 100% ONLINE via Tabroom and NSDA Campus and NOT at BHS

Because of this, there are some changes to the events we are offering for competition:

Debate Events:

Policy Debate, Lincoln Douglas Debate, Public Forum Debate, and Congress Debate
(Big Questions was dropped due to a low number of entries)

Live Speech Events

Combined means Novice/Open divisions were collapsed due to # of entries, all others are Novice/Open - awards will still be given for the respective event and final placing

Combined National Extemp, Combined Foreign Extemp, Original Oratory, 

Informative Speaking, Impromptu Speaking, and SPAR

Asynchronous Speech Events (will be judged Thursday - Saturday AM)

Combined Interpretations (HI, DI, POI), Storytelling, Lip Sync, and Newscaster.


Students WILL NOT be allowed to enter into a LIVE speech event and debate event at the tournament. They can only double enter if they choose to do an asynchronous speech event along with their debate event. Otherwise, students can double/multi-enter in speech events ONLY at their own risk. 


Policy and Big Questions debate will use the 2021-2022 high school topic

Lincoln Douglas will use the January/February topic.

Public Forum will use the January topic.

For Congress, there will be as many houses as necessary for debate. No more than 25 students will be permitted in each house. Student bill/resolutions should be appropriate and productive in nature. A docket will be released prior to the tournament.


UPDATE 1/10/2022 - Per the recent rise of Covid cases, our tournament will now be hosted and attended 100% ONLINE via Tabroom and NSDA Campus and NOT at BHS


The cost for all events is $4.00 per student, per day, and 8.00 per team, per day.

School fees are 15.00 per day.

There will be a $25 fine for drops after 8:00pm on Monday January 10, 2022.

** No Show Judges will incur a $25 fine on behalf of their school for each prelim round missed and $30 if it is an elimination/finals round. **

Please make sure your judges know how to use the website Tabroom and come prepared with a tablet/laptop for judging, any chargers they need, and the knowledge that we need them and their cooperation to run things smoothly and efficiently. :) 


The tournament will offer 5 preliminary rounds in LD and PF debate then break to semis and then finals.  Policy will have at least 4 rounds and then break straight to Finals. The tournament will offer 4 sessions of Congress with one finals session. Each speech event will have 5 preliminary rounds before all speech events break through to a finals round. Impromptu, Informative, and Oratory may break to semis before finals if necessary.


In order to run a timely tournament each school is required to bring their judges. One public forum judge is required for every three public forum teams or a fraction thereof, one judge for every 3 Lincoln-Douglas debaters is required or a fraction thereof, and one policy judge is required for every two policy teams. One judge is required for every 5 individual event entries. There will be a preference system using rankings for policy debate to be completed by each team prior to the tournament. If you can bring extra, please do! We will use them!!

Please contact me with any questions.

Victoria Riggan - 801-783-6016 - text is faster and please leave me a message if I miss your call so I know that it is debate related - TIA!!