Brock UIL A Invitaitonal Meet Jan 15 2022

2022 — Brock, TX/US

Brock High School UIL Set A Invitational Meet

Saturday January 15, 2022

Brock High School invites you to our Invitational A tournament. We will be offering all events including hands-on Computer Science, Speech, and Debate (CX & LD with 5 rounds each). We will not offer Congress. Math, Science, Number Sense, and Calculator will be split into JV (9th/10th) and Varsity (11th/12th) divisions. We offer a wonderful hospitality room with homemade soups, Chick Fil A sandwiches, snacks, drinks, and desserts.

For current information such as the schedule with room numbers please open the following google doc


  • Individual awards: 1st - 3rd medals and 4th - 6th ribbons

  • Team awards: depending on the vendors if this will be medals/ribbons and/or /plaques

  • No Sweepstake awards

Computer Science Programming items to bring:

  • 3 laptops (one per student on the programming team)

  • Extension cords

  • One Java textbook per team

  • 3 flash drives


We will not be checking documentation. If you need help on how to do this, please get together with the experienced coaches from the other schools.

Entry Fees:

  • CX team: $40 per team

  • LD: $20

  • Extem, Interp: $15

  • Ready Writing, & Journalism: $15 and we provide hired graders

  • All other Academic contest: $10

Non-Speech Entries:

There is not a need for the individual names for each of these entries. In tabroom, please click on the tab at the top "register" and then click on the tab at the top “concessions” and then enter the counts for the non-speech events on that page.

Entry Limits:

  • CX total entries: 42 total

  • LD total entries: 40 total

  • Prose, & Poetry: 45 each

  • Informative, Persuasive: 45 each

  • Math, Science, Number Sense, Calculator: 100

  • Other events: 50 entries (I can increase to a 2nd room if necessary- I will watch the numbers)

Judging/grader fees:

  • Judging/grader fees are used to hire additional judges/graders to help speed up the tournament. These fees are not part of our profit.

Speech/Debate Judging Obligations:

Schools are obligated to provide judges for each of the speech/debate events that they enter students in. Judge obligations are generated with the following:

  • CX Debate: One judge required for every 2 teams entered (or portion thereof)

  • LD Debate: One judge required for every 4 entries (or portion thereof)

  • Informative/Persuasive: One judge required for every 6 students (or portion thereof)

  • Prose/Poetry: One judge required for every 5 students (or portion thereof)

  • All speech and debate judges must have a TABROOM account. Ballots will be completed in tabroom.

  • Debate judges may enter only one pool, either LD or CX, and they may not fulfill any other obligation.

  • A judge may be entered into the judges’ pool for both Extemp and Interp, but they must be available for all rounds of both contests. Extem and Interp judges may not cover debate judges’ obligations.

  • Schools will be charged a fee of $150 for each missing Debate, Extem, or Interp judge.

  • If a school has a missing judge for Debate, Extemp, or Interp, then your school risks the chance of that student not being able to compete if there are not enough judges to cover the contest.

Judges & Graders - Brock pays $150:

If you are interested in being hired for any of the following events please email Teresa Wilcox at with your information and qualifications.

  • Ready Writing & Journalism

  • Speech - Prose, Poetry, Informative, & Persuasive

  • Debate - CX & LD

  • Speech and Debate judges need a tabroom account

Academic Judging Obligations:

  • If you have entries in Computer Applications then you need to send a QUALIFIED/TRAINED person to grade/score the contest. Schools that cannot provide judges for this contest may opt to pay a $75 judge fee.

  • Ready Writing/Journalism: We will hire graders for the day to cover these events. The cost per entry for these events will be higher than other non-speech events to cover the cost of the hired graders. No need to send graders for these events.

  • For all remaining academic events, each school is obligated to provide a grader in any contest that they enter students in.

Hospitality and Concessions Stand:

In the tabroom, please go to the “concessions” tab. Please include all adults in the concession counts in the tabroom registration including bus drivers. We do not charge for the hospitality room but it is very important that I have an accurate count to be able to have enough food for the day.

Please include student lunch counts in the tabroom concession counts. Having the option to purchase tickets allows the lunch prices to be added to your invoice. I have created four choices for student lunches:

  • # Lunch - adults at debate (JH) campus

  • # Lunch - adults at non-debate (HS) campus

  • # Lunch - debate campus (JH) purchase lunch tickets with invoice

  • # Lunch - debate campus (JH) students paying cash for lunch

  • # Lunch - non-debate campus (HS) purchase lunch tickets with invoice

  • # Lunch - non-debate campus (HS) student paying cash for lunch

Debate Schedule @ JH Campus - Brock JH 300 Grindstone Rd, Brock TX 76087

The students entering LD/CX Debate will NOT be able to compete in any other event.

  • CX Rounds: 8:00, 10:00, 1:00, 3:00, 5:00

  • LD Rounds: 8:00/8:45, 10:00/10:45, 1:00/1:45, 3:00/3:45, 5:00/5:45 (LD will be flighted)


Click on "schedule" tab on the right to see a schedule for non-debate events at HS Campus - 400 Eagle Spirit Lane


TABROOM - How to videos" 

Students creating an account


Judges create an account


Judges how to use online ballots for Debate: 


Judges how to use online ballots for Speech: 


Coordinator setting up an account and registering for a tournament: