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Dear Coaches and Squads,  

The Auburn Riverside Speech and Debate Team cordially invites you to attend our Speech and - Debate Tournament on December 10-11, 2021. This tournament will offer Cross Examination, Lincoln  Douglas, and Public Forum Debate, SPAR, Student Congress, and Washington State IEs in two divisions and will be a State Qualifying  Tournament for WCD III schools. We are pleased to announce that we are also a NIETOC qualifying  tournament! We will follow current WSFA rules for all events. The rules can be found at:


Jim Hanson and Seattle University will have a break out room to talk to students about college debate and the programs offered at Seattle University


The WIAA requires the presence, at all times, of a certificated staff member from the school or district  supervising your participants. You will not be allowed to compete if you do not comply with this rule. 


Please check for the accurate topic wording for all topics.  

Lincoln-Douglas: We will offer 2 divisions of LD, Novice and Open. As this is a qualifying tournament in LD  for many schools we will use the November-December topic for ALL DIVISIONS. Rounds will follow the 6-3- 7-3-4-6-3 format and have 4 minutes of downtime per competitor. 

Cross Examination: We will offer 2 divisions of CX, Novice and Open. We will follow the Novice case area  list as determined at the September WSFA meeting. Please inform you novice teams of their approved case  areas. Rounds will follow the 8-3-5 format with 5 minutes of prep time per team. 

Public Forum: At this time we will be offering two divisions of Public forum. We will use the November December topic as published on the NSDA website. Please note that PF runs with LD and CX. Rounds will  follow standard PF time format with 3 minutes of prep per team. 

Spontaneous Argument: We will offer offering two divisions of SPAR (may collapse depending on interest). They will be run during the I.E. rounds. Format will be 1:00 minute prep, 2:00 minute constructive speeches, 2:00 minutes of cross examination, followed by 1:00 rebuttal. There will be a wide variety of topics.


ARHS is a NIETOC Bid Tournament. We will offer two divisions in all 8 Washington State events (see descriptions below). Novice division is open to first year competitors only. Anyone with one year of  experience or more must register for Open Division. See comments below about online competition. 


Event rules 

Extemporaneous: State Rules apply. Thirty minutes of prep time followed by 7 minutes of  speaking time. Judges will provide time signals while competitor is speaking. Novice speakers may use a 4x6 note card. 30 second grace period

Oratory: This is a memorized speech that has a ten (10) minute time limit with a 30 second  grace period. A manuscript must be available on judge’s request. The speech must have no more than 150 quoted words.  

Informative: May be memorized or not memorized with an 10 minute time limit, 30 second grace  period. Visual aids are not required but are preferred by most judges. There may be no more than 150 quoted words. 

Interpretation: All have a ten (10) minute time limit with 30 second grace period. Programs  may be one or more selections of published prose, poetry, radio, or television scripts. The program must be memorized. Titles and authors must be identified during the program. Full body movement is allowed. 

Humorous: This must be humorous in nature. 


Dramatic: This must be dramatic in nature. 


Duo: This may be serious or humorous in nature. Two people perform with no interaction except at introduction if they choose.  

Program of Oral Interpretation: This is a 10 minute, themed program that must have at least one  cutting of prose and one of poetry and/or drama. All pieces must be published and titles and authors must be identified during the program. Delivery must involve the use of a manuscript/binder. 30 second grace period. 

Impromptu: The contestant will have 6 minutes in which to choose one of three topics, prepare,  organize thoughts, and speak. The topic of choice must be stated as part of the introduction. Judges will give time signals during prep time and while the contestant is speaking. All speakers are to remain in the room until all have performed. The only exception is for double entries. 30 second grace period. 


Two, two and a half hour sessions of Student Congress will be offered on Friday night. Both sessions will  conflict with CX and LD. We plan on having a minimum of three chambers, at least one in each division,  Open and Novice.  

We will be using legislation from the WSFA packet as emailed out by the congress committee. If you need a  copy of this document, please let me know. It will be posted online and will also be available via email.  There will be no copies of bills made at the tournament. Kindly bring enough copies for your team. This  timeline should allow students to research and understand the topics at a greater level than surface  knowledge.  

We are holding a Super Congress on Saturday – students advancing will be announced ASAP on Friday night  – if not posted before you leave, it will be posted on so you can check.


You can find the bill packet here


NSDA Campus will be used for the tournament 

Congressional Debate: Conducted synchronously on NSDA Campus

CX/LD/PF: Conducted synchronously on NSDA Campus 

All I.E. events will be run synchronously on NSDA Campus (except DUO)



speech events will be synchronous, with the exception of DUO. Duo will be judged asynchronously. We are also asking that each competitor in prepared speech events submit a backup video. Recordings will be submitted Wednesday night by 7:00pm, so please consult the schedule to prepare. 

Backup Videos

  • All events, except dual, will be live

  • For equity, you may also fill-in and submit a backup video for prepared I.E. events (excluding impromptu and extemp)

  • You must prove you did the recording for this tournament. Please state the name of the tournament at the beginning of the video.

  • No editing of recordings is allowed. It needs to be one continuous recording.

  • Follow all health and safety guidelines when recording the video.


HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO (Adapted from link

After recording the performance with the program of your choice, complete these steps 1. CREATE A YOUTUBE ACCOUNT, if you do not already have one. 

2. PUBLISH YOUR VIDEO: Log in to, click “upload” at the top of the front page. Upload in standard and not high-definition. 

3. EDIT VIDEO DETAILS: The title of your video should be the event followed by your name (ie PROSE Your Name). In the description, add the TITLE of your selection, along with your NAME. 4. EDIT VIDEO VISIBILITY: When creating the Visibility, change the audience option from “Public” to  “Unlisted” to ensure the privacy of your video; only those with a link to the video can watch. Do  not make your video “Private” or “Public” 

5. Confirm Viewability: After your video is fully uploaded, please ensure that your video has no  technical issues with sound/video and that the performance is viewable from beginning to end.  You might share the link with someone you trust in order to double-check that the link works. 

6. Submit your video to this Google Form. Be sure that you select the correct division and event, and  be doubly sure that your name in the form matches your Tabroom account name. 7. Send this URL to your coach immediately so they may upload it to Tabroom. 


Registration this year will occur through the website The deadline for  registration is Wednesday, December 8, 2021 . Fees will be set on that day. Drops after that time will not  be deducted from the entry fee. Please register early. Changes in registration must be made at the  website. We will leave the website open until Thursday evening for changes.

Concerning drops and changes: Please, please, please make changes before Friday afternoon or Saturday  morning. Late changes have drastic impacts on the tournament schedule. The earlier you can get changes  to your entries made, the better the chances are for an ON TIME or early tournament.  

Fee Schedule:  

Each Squad: $30.00 Squad defined by limitations above. 

Each CX team: $18.00 Each winning team gets two awards 

Each LD: $10.00 

Each PF team: $18.00 Each winning team gets two awards 

Each IE entry: $10.00 One student doing two events counts as two entries. Each Duo Entry: $18.00/team Each winning team gets two awards 

Each Student Congress: $10.00 Awards for top PO and 5 top speakers in each house. 

Make checks payable to Auburn Riverside Senior High School Forensics. 

Payment of fees may be made in advance or at ARHS during registration. Acceptable methods of payment  are 1) School Check, 2) School or District PO, or 3) Personal Check. Payment must be made before your  team can compete.  

Please keep track of your entries on the tabroom website. I will not be sending any sort of confirmation to  you before the tournament. You will receive communication during the week of the tournament about  entries, drops, judging, and other necessary items so that we will run smoothly and on time.  


ALL JUDGING WILL BE DONE ELECTRONICALLY THROUGH TABROOM! This  includes postings, assignments, ballots. 

Your judges will need to have linked accounts through tabroom. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF THIS PRIOR TO THE  TOURNAMENT! It will speed things on tournament days. Please ask your judges to have a laptop, tablet, or  smartphone at the tournament. We have an open wireless network with excellent coverage. Judging  assignments and ballots will be delivered electronically this year. 

As there are conflicts in the schedule, please be sure to calculate your judging needs properly. We will not  have a large number of judges for hire and need to be able to run the tournament efficiently. Please tell  your judges when they need to be in the building to judge as we don’t have a lot of free time. IF YOUR  JUDGES DO NOT SHOW WE WILL BE FORCED TO START DROPPING YOUR COMPETITORS – STARTING  WITH YOUR MOST SENIOR PEOPLE IN THE EVENT YOUR JUDGES FAIL TO SHOW. THE NUMBER DROPPED  WILL BE EQUAL TO THE RATIOS SHOWN BELOW. 

One judge covers five (5) IE entries

One judge covers 3 Public Forum entries or 3 LD entries. 

One judge covers 2 CX teams.  

One judge and one parliamentarian is required to be nominated and available for each school  entering Student Congress participants. 

Your school is obligated to provide judges for the categories and divisions in which your students  are entered.

Senior division students with at least one full year of experience who are not competing at ARHS  may judge novice division in the events in which they have experience. 

Please remember: Lack of a judge at registration will result in an automatic reduction in your school’s  number of entries. If your judges do not pick up ballots we will drop competitors starting with Open Division until judging requirements are met. We will reduce numbers starting with your most senior  competitors. 

Please contact us if you have any questions and we look forward to seeing everyone in December! Sincerely, 

David Moore 

Director of Forensics

Tournament Schedule

Auburn Riverside Tournament Schedule 

Dec. 10-11

Friday, December 10 

2:30 – 3:15 am Registration  

3:30 pm (or asap) Debate – LD/CX/PF Round 1 

3:30 pm Congress Session 1 

5:30 pm Debate – LD/CX/PF Round 2 

6:00 pm Congress Session 2 

7:30 pm Debate – LD/CX/PF Round 3 




Saturday’s schedule




 Saturday, Dec 11th


7:30-7:45 AM Online Check in


8:00 Speech 1 (extemp draw at 8:00, check in the prep room by 7:50 AM)


9:30 Debate 4 (super congress 1)


11:30 Speech 2


1:00 Debate 5 (super congress 2)


3:00 Speech 3


4:30 CX sems/finals. LD and PF Quarters.


6:00 speech finals


7:00 PM CX Finals, LD and PF sems (we will move these earlier if possible)


8:15 PM LD/ PF Finals (earlier if possible)


8:30 PM Awards