Ore City Hallsville UIL Swing

2021 — Hallsville, TX/US


           Thank you for your interest in the 2021 Ore City - Hallsville UIL Swing Speech and Debate Tournament. We are pleased to offer the following UIL events: Congress, CX Debate, LD Debate, Persuasive, Extemp, Informative Extemp, Prose, Poetry. Additionally, we are offering the following NSDA events: Prepared Informative, Original Oratory, HI, DI, Duo and POI. 

           We are excited to offer our entire tournament in person. Please do not hesitate to contact Christopher Dickson or Kenny Adcock if you have additional questions or concerns.

           Ore City and Hallsville's coaches and students look forward to hosting you and your students!


Swing Info:


Location for Swing: Hallsville High School


*Guaranteed 6 rounds of Debate (if enter both tournaments)

*Guaranteed 4 rounds of Prose and Poetry (if enter both tournaments)

*Guaranteed 2 rounds of DI, HI, POI, Duo

*Guaranteed 2 rounds of Extemp

*Guaranteed 1 round of Congress




  • CX Debate will be debating the 2021-22 Resolution – Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its protection of water resources in the United States.
  • LD Debate will be debating the UIL Fall LD Resolution – Resolved: When in conflict, environmental protection ought to take precedence over natural resource extraction. 
  • Students participating in Congressional Debate will debate 12 pieces of legislation from the Region 7 docket (or State docket if it is released prior to the tournament).
    • Prelim Session will debate odd number pieces of legislation.
    • Final Session will debate even number pieces of legislation.


 Please make all checks payable to Hallsville HS Speech and Debate.

·         CX Debate - $25.00 ($50.00 for CX Debate both tournaments)

·         LD and Duo Entry - $15.00 ($30 for LD Debate both tournaments)

·         Individual Event Entry (and Congress) - $10.00 ($20 for IE both tournaments)

·         Missing Judge Fee - $150.00

 Judging Requirements:

·         CX – One judge for every 2 entries or portion thereof.  

·         LD – One judge for every 4 entries or portion thereof.

·         IEs* – One judge for every 6 entries or portion thereof.

* If you have a judge that is only qualified to judge only a some of the individual events, please indicate this information in the notes section of the entry and what that event or those events are. If there is no note present, we will assume that the judge is qualified for all individual events and will put them into all pools.

** Judge may serve as a CX or LD judge for Friday and then cover entries on Saturday in CX or LD as well. This is true as long as the judge will be present for both days.  

Judging Contracts:

If you are an individual that wishes to pursue a judging contract at this tournament, email your judging résumé and any other pertinent details to Christopher Dickson at cdickson@hisd.com

General Information:

Any general questions should be addressed to Christopher Dickson at cdickson@hisd.com or at (903)668-5990 ext 4257 or Kenneth Adcock at adcockk@ocisd.net or at (903)968-3300

·         Judges are allowed and encouraged to give an oral critique after debate rounds, but this form of critique should NOT replace a well written ballot. Additionally, all oral critiques should be short and to-the-point, and all ballots should be returned within 5 minutes of the round’s completion, if at all possible.