Griffin Growl

2021 — Santa Fe, NM, NM/US

Obviously, this invitaiton is very late indeed, and we will understand if you cannot attend because of it! The reason for the lateness, though, is that we have been hard at work trying to figure out how to host an IN PERSON (woot!) tournament AND integrate some World Schools Debate into the regular season, AND still allow some proper competition for traditional debaters, AND do some in-person speech. The format and schedule will be unusual, to say the least, as a result.

Come join us for the third annual Griffin Growl Speech and Debate Invitational!
Format & Events

We will offer three rounds of debate in varsity only Lincoln Douglas, Policy, and Public Forum. All three rounds will be pre- paired and not power matched. While we will have standard judging and ballots, there will be no out rounds, and no awards given at this tournament. Rankings after three rounds will be published however, and competitors will still receive standard NSDA points.

Topics will be November/December.

Following those three rounds of traditional debate, we will also host three rounds of World Schools Debate in a less competitive training environment. Coaches will be on hand to help teams, and there will be “instructional judging.” The purpose is to introduce WSD as a possible main event in New Mexico, and to prepare students for WSD at nationals.


Rounds 1 and 2 (changing sides): This house supports the adoption of a 32 hour, 4 day work week. Round 3 (flip for sides): Impromptu topic


We will offer five rounds of Humorous Interp, Dramatic Interp, Duo Interp, Program Oral Interp, Original Oratory, and Informational Speaking (no Extemp). These rounds will be CONCURRENT with debate rounds, so no double entry. As with debate, there will be no outrounds and no awards, but rankings will be published and NSDA points given.


Registration deadline is December 2nd.

Register online at starting on November 20th.

Entry fees have been reduced since there will be no awards.

$5.00 entry fee for individuals; $10 entry fee for PF, CX, and WSD (Entry in any traditional debate event qualifies for entry in WSD). Since there are no drop fees, no maverick entries in CX or PF. Entry fees can be paid by cash or check made out to Santa Fe Prep, memo line Speech and Debate.

Please make every attempt to limit changes after December 2nd. If any such change needs to happen, please email updates to or call (505) 920-2350.


There are no judge requirements from teams, but, of course, we appreciate any help you can provide us. Please enter judges in Tabroom, and also have judges sign up at

We will provide infrastructure for judges to be remote with students in person, if you have remote judges. Please let us know which judges are remote.