2022 Ivy Street Round Robin

2022 — Online, GA/US

Welcome Information 1/26

Hi everyone and welcome to the 2022 Ivy Street Round Robin.

This email will substitute our opening meeting today.  
First, thank you all for accepting an invitation to the Ivy Street Round Robin - we are really glad you are here - we know there are a lot of round robins out there you can choose to attend and this one asks you to miss a bit of school, so on behalf of the entire coaching staff and program, thank you for attending.   We want to give a special welcome to past champions of the round robin who happen to be in our judging pool this weekend -- Andrew Young (2015), Will Sjostrom (2020), and Alessandro Perri (2021).  
Second, all rounds at the Ivy Street Round Robin will be livestreamed.  While the campus rooms do have observers turned on, they are limited to one observer per room; however we invite the rest of your team to watch you through the livestream.  The link to all the livestreams can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nvcigyA3MdXxcCWbydBsaCaj_1oJR7YZfDgFbpjs67w/edit?usp=sharing
Third, we have normal time and normal expectations in rounds at this round robin - prep is three minutes, there will be a flip automatically published 30 minutes before each round.  
Fourth, there is no disclosure at the Ivy Street Round Robin -- put it on the ballot.  The schedule doesn't provide time for post round feedback and discussion.  Please respect this rule. 
Fifth, judges please report to your round at least five minutes before published start time. If you are not there at the posted start time, you risk a $100 missing judge fee per round - this fee is abnormally high because it requires us to replace you and change future judge assignments to avoid folks being judged by the same individuals, which usually involves me calling someone and begging them to judge last minute.  
Sixth, west coast teams -- expect an email separately from me about your round 4 and how it will work as there are slightly different logistics. 
Email me if you have any questions, I will be handling a lot of the livestreaming so I will be in a lot of the rooms to welcome you myself to the round robin.
Thanks again for attending - best of luck!
Jeffrey Miller
Marist School
Director of Speech & Debate


We are excited to announce the field for the 2022 Ivy Street Round Robin.

American Heritage Broward (FL) -- Odin Farkas & Evan Burkeen
Blake (MN) -- Elizabeth Terveen & Skylar Wang
Brentwood (TN) -- William Hong & Sully Mrkva
College Prep (CA) -- Elliot Beamer & Claire Beamer
Edina (MN) -- Ryan Jiang & Jay Shapiro
Fairmont Prep (CA) -- Rohun Gupta & Ryan Gumlia
Flintridge Prep (CA) -- Sienna Vaughn & Daniel Zhao
Marist (GA) -- Claire Lauterbach & Josh Escayg
Poly Prep (NY) -- Claudia Leduc & Jonah Sah
Quarry Lane (CA) -- Aditya Goel & Sahana Nellian
Ransom Everglades (FL) -- Sophia Rubinstein & Eva Tariko
Strake Jesuit (TX) -- Ishan Dubey & David Kennedy
Walt Whitman (MD) -- Katheryne Dwyer & Sophia Polley-Fisanich
Westlake (TX) -- Alex Rodgers & Nathan Laude

We will have two pods of 7 teams each. The pods will be split based on competitive success and account for geographic and gender diversity. Each preliminary round will have two judges and the top two teams from each pod will be invited to compete in the elimination debates. Once again, we do expect all debates to be livestreamed with links provided to each team after the round robin so you can use them to continue to improve throughout the rest of your season.

At this time, we ask you to enter your judges for the round robin or indicate to us if you need to hire someone. The Ivy Street Round Robin prides itself on only having highly trained, experienced judges at the tournament. We do ask that your judges are either debate alumni, active or former college debaters, or your debate coaches. You can count on us hiring active high school and college debate program directors, college debaters, former public forum debaters and other highly qualified individuals to fill th e rest of the judge pool.

Following the completion of the round robin and the Emory tournament, we will mail each team their swag box they'd traditionally receive if they were in person. We will collect this information from the Tabroom registration pages - please use the "Refund" box to indicate where you'd like your items mailed and complete the T-Shirts tab on the registration portal - each team gets 3 t-shirts (2 competitors and 1 coach). You can purchase additional t-shirts for the price we are charged (usually $8-12).

You can expect from us: t-shirts that commemorate the 2022 Ivy Street Round Robin, a small gift from Marist School and any trophies that you or your partner earn. We will give out speaker awards to the top five speakers in each pod. The speaker awards will continue to be custom trophies of the Atlanta skyline despite us each debating from home. Each team in the elimination rounds will receive an Eagle to recognize their achievement. These Eagles are from the NSDA and will be shipped straight from the NSDA offices. When they are mailed, the NSDA will send you a tracking number so you can have an idea of when they'll arrive.

Payment for the round robin can be done in two ways - either through our credit card link or paying by check. The check instructions are now available on the invoice.