John Edie Holiday Debates Hosted by The Blake School

2021 — Minneapolis, MN/US

Live Document for the tournament




Some Critical reminders

1) PF and Congress are in person -- everything else is virtual

2) PF and LD use the January 2022 topic, per our normal routine!

3) The tournament is Saturday Dec. 18 to Monday Dec 20.  The reason tabroom says 12/17 is because we are running a Public Forum Round Robin Friday Dec 17

4) We will use NSDA campus level 2 which allows coach observers.

Look here for updates


Wednesday Nov. 3:

COVID plans posted in the right hand menu -- 

Also here is the link for the Marriott rooms

Tuesday Nov 2:

Please email blakedebate.helpdesk@gmail with questions.

Working on post information here today with updates.

Tuesday Oct 12:

We plan to open this Sunday Oct. 17
Public Forum and Congress will be in person
All other divisions are virtual
Friday will be our Public Forum Round Robin - the regular tournament is Sat to Monday Dec. 18-29