Colorado Grande NSDA WSD 1

2021 — Online, CO/US


You are invited to attend the Colorado Grande “Out of this World Schools Debate” Round Robin to be held Tuesday, October 26, 2021 online. 

COST:  The fee will be $15.00 per team of 3-5 students (make checks payable to Colorado Grande NSDA). Keep in mind that only 3 students debate at a time, so if you enter teams of 4-5, you will have some kids sitting out each round.

RULES:  We will follow the NSDA guidelines for World Schools Debate. We will run 2 rounds at this tournament (one prepared and one impromptu).

MOTIONS: We will use the following prepared motion:

This Houses does not support monarchies in liberal democracies.

Each team will debate this topic once and will be either prop or opp but won’t know until we get to the tournament which side they will be on.

JUDGES: For every two teams (or fraction thereof) you bring, you MUST provide one judge who will not be paid by Colorado Grande so that we can keep costs low; this will be the primary judge for your team and will be used FIRST. Yes, this can be the coach, but the coach must be willing to judge before others brought by your school.  If you cannot provide your required judges, you will be assessed a $25 fee/judge.  Let me know as soon as possible if you aren’t able to bring your judge requirement so we can be sure to have enough judges.

PRE-REGISTRATION:  Please enter students on by October 21. Registration will open next week.  We will be doing registration on for WSD this year and will be using Zoom rooms for competition.

NOTE: All students and judges will have to have their own account on tabroom in order to compete/judge at this tournament. To do this, have your students create an account on; have them email you the email they used to create their account. You should then be able to enter that email in and link them; sometimes, it will even match the student, and you’ll be able to just confirm the match.   

FINAL REGISTRATION:  All changes must to made by October 21 at 9 p.m.; fees will be assessed as of that date.

AWARDS:  We will provide ribbons for all teams who win both debates.


                             Registration                                      3:15-3:30

                             Prepared Motion 1                            3:45-5:00

                             Impromptu Motion                           5:15-7:30

                             Awards                                             7:30


1. World Schools does not allow students to use electronics during rounds or impromptu prep. Obviously, students will have to use the internet and electronics to access their rounds and communicate (the district team used google docs during debates last year). For impromptu prep, we will have a room for students to prep on Zoom for impromptu time. During this time, they can be in the room prepping, but they may ONLY use an almanac and dictionary for prep; they may not look up information anywhere else. We will allow students to use phones to time themselves.

2. For impromptu prep, each team of competitors can only use one almanac and one dictionary.          

If you have any questions, contact Renee Motter (—Colorado Grande NSDA, District Chair