Clear Springs Stampede

2021 — League City, TX/US

Springs Stampede

League City, Texas

December 10-11, 2021


The Clear Springs Speech and Debate team is honored and excited to invite you to the annual Springs Stampede TFA tournament. Our tournament will be offered in person with strict COVID-19 protocols in place. Registration will close December 3rd. Drop fees will be charged for all drops made after 5:00 p.m. beginning on December 7th. Students may cross-enter at their own risk. Please check the schedule before cross entering. Debate brackets will be broken if necessary. If an event does not make it will be removed or collapsed. Novice debate events will have 3 prelim rounds, while Varsity debate events will have 4 prelim rounds. Our tournament is notorious for having amazing hospitality so don’t miss chow and meet us on down at the corral.


Congressional Legislation: 

Prelims- 11-20

Semis- 1-10 (If needed) 

Finals- 21-30 


World Schools Motions:

Round 1:  This House would ban consumer-focused advertising for prescription drugs.


Round 3:  This House would hold social media companies to the same libel standards as traditional forms of media (i.e. newspapers, etc.) for the content they publish.




Foreign Extemp: 

Prelims: Latin America

Semis: Europe 

Finals: Africa 


Domestic Extemp: 

Prelims: Education

Semis: US Economy 

Finals: Civil Rights