HW Fall Novice

2021 — Online, CA/US

We would like our novice debaters to get more competition rounds. We think you should too :)

Here's our pitch:

1. Cost: free!

2. Judges: as long as everyone provides 1 judge per 2 entries, we'll be fine. Experienced, older varsity debaters may judge.
3. Logistics: we will handle everything. I'll personally walk your little buddies to their virtual rooms and help them with tech during the scrimmage if they need it. (see schedule below)
4. Disclosure: if we all wanted to, we could disclose tldr; descriptions of our novice aff/neg strategies? We're not at all wedded to this if we all determine it's not necessary or helpful, just wanted to offer in case it makes things easier for everyone.

5. Date: Saturday the 9th. 
6. # of rounds: 4 rounds, single-flighted

9:00am: Round 1
10:45am: Round 2
1:00pm: Round 3
2:30pm: Round 4

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, October 7th at 10:00am. If we do not have enough entries from non-HW schools to make it viable, we will cancel and let everyone know.