QSDA Welcome To Kazakhstan Cup

2021 — Online, KZ

QSDA's October 2021 Speech and Debate Tournament, hosted by High Tech Academy

Welcome to the first speech and debate online tournament coming to you from KAZAKHSTAN !!!

Event: 15-16 October 2021.

Registration Deadline: 11 October 2021.

Payment (the fee is 5 000 Kazakhstan tenge per student) is also due before 11 October and can be paid using the three diffrent methods demonstrated on this website: https://en.hta.kz/payment_methods .

Make sure your name in the ФИО section matches the name you write in this form.

Write down your grade in the Класс section.

Write down "Debate" in the Период section.

Registration fees are non-refundable, as we will need to pay our judges.

Please contact artyom.dudnik@hta.kz if you have any questions regarding payments.


Students competing in Duo and Original Oratory will email their scripts to QazaqstanSpeechandDebate@gmail.com. You must email your final script by 11 October 2021.

Students can register for ONE debate event (Public Forum or Lincoln-Douglas) and up to ONE speaking event (Duo Interpretation and Original Oratory) OR just two speaking events.

Public Forum Resolution:

- Resolved: Social media is beneficial for Democratic values.

Lincoln-Douglas Resolution:

- Resolved: A Public Health Emergency justifies limiting civil liberties.

Each School/Affiliation must provide at least 1 judge for their team. A judge that will be able to professionally judge on the level of international standards and base their judging on the flow.

For Original Oratory the students must compose their own speech (7-10 minutes in length, MEMORIZED) and submit it by 11 October, 2021.

For Duo Interpretation the students must choose a novel, play, film, or short story they want to perform (7-10 minutes in length, MEMORIZED) and a theme/argument they want their performance to make. This must be submitted by 11 October, 2021.

Email any questions to AdamJiaoshi@gmail.com or artyom.dudnik@hta.kz