West Point Debate Tournament

2021 — NSDA Campus, NY/US



Pairings for Rds 1&2 3:00pm (all times eastern)

round 1 4:00pm

round 2 6:30pm


Pairings for round 3 9:30am

round 3 10:00am

Pairings for rd 4 12:30pm

round 4 1:00pm

Pairings for rd 5 4:00pm

round 5 4:30pm

Pairing for rd 6 7:00pm

round 6 7:30pm


Pairings for 1st outround 9:00am

First outround begins 10:00am

Virtual awards and the remaining outrounds will be scheduled as needed

Decision time: prelims 2:15, outrounds 2:30

We do not have access to extra judging, please hire enough to cover your own teams using the judge exchange. If you need assistance with that, please reach out to Kathryn Rubino.

Prelim rounds will use the NSDA classrooms. All students and judges need Tabroom accounts to access the competition rooms. Outrounds will be run using Zoom to accommodate observers.

The tournament will abide with the principles of the ABAP’s Digital Debate Bill of Rights. The tournament will use the 2021-22 Cross Examination Debate Association’s debate topic, and will use CEDA’s eligibility, harassment and other policies.