Kamiak Novice Tournament

2021 — Cascade Commons, WA/US

* All rounds will be at cascadecommons.org!   This is a cost effective platform that was created by Interlake coach Prabhat Aluri to help local teams run tournaments without paying high fees.  Thank you, Coach Prabhat!


* To sign up for Cascade Commons, please send a list of all students names and associated emails to support@cascadecommons.org by Wednesday, October 14.  After this list is received, students, judges, and coaches can create their Cascade Commons account.   


* To enter an Asynchronous speech event, students may log onto cascadecommons.org and upload their videos at anytime-- just follow the prompts!


* If you need help with the Cascade Commons site, please feel free to email support@cascadecommons.org.


 Dear  District One Debate Coaches and Forensic Educators,

(and all other debate teams and coaches of Washington State)


     On Saturday, October 16th, 2021 District One will hold its annual practice tournament for debate at Kamiak High School in Mukilteo.  As it the past, this offers a non-threatening place for novice teams to begin as well as an opportunity for second year debaters and above to judge.  Mark your Calendar! Plan to attend!  Sign up for tournament on tabroom.com.



Steven Helman

Kamiak High School Debate Coach

Host Novice Tournament


Time Schedule

Registration…               8 a.m. 


Round 1 Debate…        8:30—10:30


Session 1 Congress… 8:30—10:30


Round 1 Speech…        11:00—12:00


Round 2 Debate…        12:00---2:00


Session 2 Congress… 12:00—2:00


Round 2 Speech           2:00---3:00


Round 3 Debate           3:00---5:00


Awards                    ASAP


Rules:  State rules as usual, apply to everything.  Please refer to the WIAA rule book.


Who is a novice debater?  All first year debaters are novice.  Second year debaters who have competed in less than six rounds of competition in district, league or invitational tournaments shall be considered novice. 


Who can judge?  Second year debaters can judge at this tournament. This is usually considered a fun opportunity for these students.  We will accept  any second year student, for IE’s if you feel they are capable of rendering qualified, thoughtful, kind, and intelligent ballots.  For Debate, sign up students to judge who have competed in that particular form of debate (CX, LD, Public Forum) and can produce constructive ballots for competitors.




Cross Examination/Team Debate.  Times 8-3-5.  6 Minutes down time per team.

Note:  We will be using the Novice Case Areas that were voted on at the coaches meeting this fall. 


Lincoln Douglas Debate.  Time 6-3-7-3-4-6-3.  4 minutes down time per side.   Note:   We will use the November/December L.D. topic.


Public Forum:  We will use the N.F.L.  rules and ballots for this event.  Note:  We will use the November Controversy (Public Forum) topic.


Individual Events:



…is a ten minute memorized speech in which you try to persuade the audience to accept your point of view.


Expository Speech…

…is a presentation in which you demonstrate a  skill or explain an idea, or inform the audience of a subject.  Visual aids are encouraged.  Notecards can be used.  Time length is a maximum of eight minutes.


Interpretive Reading…

…is an eight minute reading of a combination of prose and poetry all connected by a theme.  


Dramatic Interpretation…

…is a memorized and dramatic performance, cut from a play with a length of no more than ten minutes.


Humorous Interpretation…

…is a memorized  and humorous performance, cut from a play, with a length of no more than ten minutes.


Extemporaneous Speaking…

…is a seven minute speech on one of three topics you were given 30 minutes earlier.  Current events are the main subject.  One note card can be used during your presentation.


Impromptu Speaking…

…choosing from a list of 3 topics students have a total of 6 minutes to think and then speak on their topic.

Editorial Comment…

…students  perform a written speech on a topic of general concern.  The length of this speech is 1:45 to 2:00 in length.  


Dual Dramatic Interpretation…

…this is a memorized performance of a play by two people.  Maximum length for this event is 10 minutes.


Note:  At the novice tournament only--- memorized events can be performed with a script. Judges will give preference, however, to debaters who  memorize their pieces.

Registration Fees---Make check payable to District One Debate

Tournament Registration Fee per school $30

Debate @ $7 per team  (_______x $7= $__________

IE’s @ $5 each  (__________x$5= $__________

Several announcements to be attentive to:


  1.  We will use the main LD topic for Nov/Dec

  2. We will use the main PF Nov/Dec topic

  3. We will use the  fall 2021 Student Congress Pkt

  4. All IE’s (except for Extemp and Impromptu which are synch) will be  Asynch

  5.  We are using the NSDA platform for the tournament