Loveland Drums of War

2021 — NSDA Campus & Zoom, CO/US

The Loveland High School Speech and Debate team extends a warm welcome and invitation to your team to participate in the first varsity tournament of the season for Colorado: The Loveland Drums of War Invitational on November 6th, 2021. 

Due to district policy of everyone requiring masks including speakers, we will be holding the tournament online again this year.



- All events will be synchronous and live which means competitors will compete via video conferencing on NSDA Campus and Zoom in front of a judge.

- A coach or adult responsible for the team (that can judge) must be online, and reachable at all times during the tournament.

- Doubling is not allowed within waves but encouraged across waves.

- In order to run an event, there must be at least 4 competitors/teams.  The final determination will be made on Nov 3rd for events that do not have enough competitors.

- Four (4) entries per school are allowed in all events (Congress A & B are considered separate events and allow 8). Additional entries will be accommodated if space is available and additional judges are provided to cover the additional burden.

- November NSDA resolutions will be used for Public Forum, LD, and Policy debates.

- CHSAA rules for all events.

- The deadline for all Congress legislation is Oct 25th with the final docket posted on Tabroom by Oct 27th.  Minimum 1 legislation per 4 entries with a max of 4 per team.  Legislation templates are also on Tabroom.

- For Congress, no impeaching the PO nor introducing legislation that is not on the final docket.

See posted invite for more information.


Patrick DeMartine -

Speech and Debate Advisor and Coach\

Loveland High School