Sequoyah Autumn Argument

2021 — NSDA Campus, GA/US

Middle School PF Awards

High School PF/LD Awards

Welcome to the Sequoyah Autumn Argument! This tournament is October 22nd to 23rd and being held on NSDA campus. This tournament is hosted by Sequoyah High School. This tournament is open to debaters from around the country but is focused on Georgia representation. We would love for anyone to come compete in our tournament 


Topics: (see updated debate schedules 10/13/2021)

We are using the September-October 2021 topics for Public Forum and Lincoln Douglas in all divisions.

PF Topic:

Resolved: The North Atlantic Treaty Organization should substantially increase its defense commitments to the Baltic states.

LD Topic:

Resolved: The member nations of the World Trade Organization ought to reduce intellectual property protections for medicines.

We are using the 2021-2022 NSDA Topic for Cross-Examination / Policy debate in all divisions:

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its protection of water resources in the United States.



The Sequoyah Autumn argument is proud to be offering all IE’s (Saturday only)


Middle School:

We are proud to offer Middle School Public Forum debate this weekend! Additionally, we will offer for middle school speech students dramatic performance, impromptu, and oratory. Middle School events are Saturday only. 


Hired Judging:

We do not guarantee teams may compete based on hired judging. This is on a case-to-case basis.