Medina Valley Set A UIL Invitational Tournament near San Antoni

2022 — Castroville, TX/US

Medina Valley High School UIL Set A Tournament

January 8, 2022

8365 FM 471 S,

Castroville, TX 78009

(830) 931-2243

Dear UIL Academics Coordinators and Coaches:

The Medina Valley High School UIL Academics program cordially invites you to participate in our Set-A UIL Tournament on January 8, 2022. This event will feature all of the high school UIL events including speech and debate, and hands-on Computer Science.

There will be food and fun a plenty. Students will have access to a concession stand while coaches and bus drivers will have a hospitality room. The concession stand will have a pizza meal deal for lunch so coaches don’t have to worry too much about having to go get food. 

We ask that all entries be submitted through Tabroom by December 17th to allow us to plan over the holidays. No new schools will be added after that date. We will however allow adds, drops, and revisions without a fee through January 3rd as I know things change over the break. If there is an issue, please feel free to email me. We look forward to seeing y’all there! Have a great year. If you have any questions, please email me at




David Perritano

UIL Academics Coordinator

Medina Valley High School


We will use the current CX topic and Spring 2022 LD topic. Both are listed below:

2021-22 CX Debate Topic:

Water resources

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its protection of water resources in the United States.


Spring 2022 LD Debate Topic:

Resolved: In matters of foreign policy, the United States ought to value universal human rights over economic interests.



On the right-hand side of the page is a button to download the schedule. Note that any room numbers listed are subject to change.


Event Conflicts

It is the participating schools' responsibility to carefully enter students based on the posted schedule. No adjustments of start times will be made for students entered in conflicting events.



All academic events: $10.00/entry

CX Debate: $30.00/team

LD Debate: $20.00/entry

CX/LD Drop Fee: Entry fee + $25 if dropped after 5:30pm on 1/3/22

Hands-on Computer Science: $25.00/team of 3

First 3 schools to email offering a comp sci coach to help judge & grade comp. sci hands-on will receive a $25 discount.

Prose, Poetry, Informative, Persuasive: $15.00/entry

Prose, Poetry, Informative, Persuasive: Entry fee + $10 if dropped after 5:30pm on 1/3/22



All academics events will be UIL Set A material with the exception of Spelling (ASW). Please tell your kids to bring headphones just in case something happens.


In Computer Applications, if a school does not provide a grader, the paper will not be graded.

No cross entry by CX Debaters. 



A hospitality room will be available for coaches and bus drivers. Concessions will be available for students including a pizza meal deal for lunch.