Novice After School Speech IEs

2021 — Online, SD/US

Welcome!  This asynchronous tournament is for first-year novice students participating in either informative, original oratory, or extemp speaking. This is designed as an opportunity for those students new to the activity to record a speech and gain feedback to become better. There should be no focus on dress or recording situation unless it seriously hampers the communication process (No video available, can't see the student's face at all, and no sound available are some examples)

Experienced juniors and seniors may be used to evaluate speakers, but schools must cover all judging and make sure that student complete their judging assignments.

Students doing the extemporaneous speech can choose from ONE of the following questions.  The time limit is a maximum time of 7 minutes (there is no minimum).

1. Should Donald Trump be considered the most likely GOP candidate for the 2024 Presidential elections?

2. What can be done to fight economic inequality in the United States?

3. Should the United States provide free college education?

4. Is the world moving fast enough to fight global warming?

5. What steps need to be taken to fight Co-vid on the international level?

6. Did the United States make a mistake by withdrawing troops from Afghanistan?


Students doing original oratory or informative speaking- The maximum time limit is 10 minutes and all NSDA rules must be followed.


All recordings need to be uploaded by 5:00 PM December 6.  The judging for rounds will take place from 11:00 AM on December 7 until 8:00PM on December 8.  


There are no rewards provided for this tournament and there is no cost.  Just a reminder that you need to provide 1 judge for every five entries.