Ron Abel Debate Invitational

2021 — Eudora, KS/US

Welcome to the Ron Abel Invitational Debate tournament!

We are so excited to host you.

Note: by registering for this tournament, you are agreeing to adhere to the novice evidence packet, Covid protocols, and all other procedures & requirements outlined in the tournament invitation. Some of that information has been included on this page for your reference. If you have questions, the expectation is that you will ask before registering. 



Novice Division: All novice teams will be limited to the cases & arguments provided in the novice evidence packet. Some additional guidelines: 1. You may not cut your own evidence, even if it is an extrapolation from the original source. 2. You may not change the plan texts. No exceptions. 3. You may reorganize cards in whatever way you want to (swapping 1AC evidence with extension evidence, etc.). 4. You may re-highlight, re-tag, & re-underline evidence, but the context & overall meaning must remain the same. Any team that doesn’t follow novice evidence packet requirements will lose the individual round on a 7, and repeated infractions will result in disqualification from the tournament. 


Covid Protocols: All teams and coaches will be required to wear masks when inside of Eudora High School, including during actual competition (meals are the only exception, & masks must still be worn whenever you are not seated & actively eating). There are no mask “exemptions” for students or coaches.  Although we don’t have a mechanism for enforcing mask requirements with judges, they will be asked to mask while inside. We don’t have room to give each school its own classroom, but we will assign each team one of many,  intentionally spaced tables in the Commons. Students are discouraged from mingling with competitors from other teams in common areas, & will be asked to distance as much as possible during rounds. If Covid requires us to move the tournament online, we will let you know with as much notice as possible.