Gold Coast NPDA Debates

2021 — Online, FL/US



On behalf of the Lynn University Debate Team, I am pleased to invite you to participate in the Fall 2021 Gold Coast Debates NPDA Tournament on October 30, 2021. On Saturday we will have four rounds of NPDA preliminary competition, followed by semifinals and finals. As always, our tournaments are free to attend.


We will host the tournament on Zoom.  Details will follow.


Pre-Registration: A non-binding estimate of team interest and approximate number of entries would be extremely helpful in planning this online tournament.  I would appreciate hearing before October 11 from any school considering attending the tournament.  The pre-registration is a courtesy only, and not determinate of your registration.


Deadline for entry:  Monday, October 25 at 5:00 pm

Saturday, October 30 (All times US Eastern)

8:30 – 9:00 am Check-In on Zoom

9:00 am Round 1 NPDA Topic Announce

9:20 am Round 1 NPDA

10:35 am Round 2 NPDA Topic Announce

10:55 am Round 2 NPDA

12:10 – 12:40 pm Lunch Break

12:40 pm Round 3 NPDA Topic Announce

1:00 pm Round 3 NPDA

2:15 pm Round 4 NPDA Topic Announce

2:35 pm Round 4 NPDA

3:50 pm Semifinals NPDA Topic Announce

4:10 pm Semifinals NPDA

5:25 pm Finals NPDA Topic Announce

5:45 pm Finals NPDA

ASAP Awards 


• NPDA Rules will be followed, with Points of Order at judge discretion (competitors should ask their judge before the round).  Per NPDA rules, rounds have flex time.

Format of the debate (from

First Proposition Constructive Speaker: 7 minutes

Opposition Flex Time: 2 minutes

First Opposition Constructive Speaker: 8 minutes

Proposition Flex Time: 2 minutes

Second Proposition Constructive Speaker: 8 minutes

Opposition Flex Time: 1 minute

Second Opposition Constructive Speaker: 8 minutes

Opposition Rebuttal by First Speaker: 4 minutes

Proposition Flex Time: 1 minute

Proposition Rebuttal by First Speaker: 5 minutes

• There will be three rounds of policy and one value or metaphor in preliminary rounds.

• As soon as postings are shared in the main Zoom room, we ask that participants rename themselves according to tournament directions to facilitate our tab team in getting everyone into the right breakout rooms in a timely manner.

• Lynn students will be eligible to compete and win awards.

• Awards will be given to competitors advancing to elimination rounds. Speaker awards will be given to the top five competitors in open division; speaker awards will be given to the top three competitors in novice. Novices are eligible to receive open speaker awards.  If registration is sufficient, there will be a separate novice division with their own awards.

• Some of the rounds may be “lay” rounds where the judges are members of the Lynn University community, depending on judge coverage from participating schools. Lynn students may be judged by Lynn faculty, though Lynn debate coaches will not judge Lynn debaters.

• Judges should not disclose in round, but they are free to give detailed comments to competitors after their virtual ballots are submitted.

• In the interests of scoring consistency, judges are asked to score on a scale of 22-30 points. Keeping to this standard with ensure fair speaker rankings across judges.

• We request that competing schools commit one judge for every two teams they enter (rounding up).  Student run or uncovered teams may still be accommodated on a first come, first served basis. Please email me to check (

• As always, there is NO REGISTRATION FEE for attending Lynn tournaments to encourage inclusive, accessible, and educational debate opportunities.

We look forward to seeing you!


Eric Hamm

Associate Professor

College of Arts and Sciences 

Director of Forensics


Kate Hamm

Assistant Professor

College of Arts and Sciences 

Assistant Director of Forensics


Lynn University

Boca Raton, FL 33431 

T: +1 561-237-7617

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