Franklin R Shirley at Wake Forest


The Shirley 2021 - 

All 4-2 clearing, we will break to triples, Gary Larson run tabroom, breaking brackets, online coin flipping via NSDA...

NSDA Campus Rooms will be used Friday-Sunday. Monday elims will be on Zoom. 

Schedule with Time Zones - Round 1 pairing 1:45 PM EST on Friday.

Full Invite

Coordinated Graduate School Interest - If you have debaters potentially interested in learning about graduate schools. Please have them fill this form out. We will notify all directors of these programs with a list immediately before and after the tournament.

First Year Quarterfinals Break-Out+FYO Speaker Awards - we will have one - please look here...If both partners are first year, team is bolded, if just one of the speakers is a first year, the speaker has an X next to their name. If you have students, not on the list, please send a message to

Fees can be paid here.

Looking forward!!!