4th Annual Wildcat Cup

2022 — Online, AZ/US




The University of Arizona is proud to offer the 4th annual Wildcat Cup on January 28th and 29th, 2022! We appreciate your support in bringing the Arizona Speech and Debate community to Tucson. The Wildcat Cup was created on the premise of uniting and serving the underdeveloped community in Tucson. You make our mission possible, as your students show that the future is bright with the skills they have developed and showcase in this activity.

 After a year of virtual tournaments, we are excited to welcome students from across the valley back to our campus in a slightly modified way. This year we are offering a hybrid virtual- in person tournament. More details are included in the full invitation on Tabroom.com As a modification from previous years, there will not be any hired out judging requests available through the University of Arizona Debate Series in an effort to direct our resources to providing the safest and most hospitable experience possible. 


As a note on hospitality, the UADS will be following all University of Arizona guidelines concerning room capacity, masks, and social distancing procedures. We encourage all attendees to be fully vaccinated before attending the tournament. Masks will be required for EVERYONE when not actively competing in-round. Additionally, spectators in event outrounds will not be permitted. We are actively looking for alternative methods for spectatorship in order to provide an educational opportunity for everyone. Please check back regularly for updates. 

*all information is subject to change based on University of Arizona Guidelines for mitigating COVID-19*


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out!

Patricia Yango-Tournament Director

email:patriciayango@email.arizona.edu with WILDCAT CUP 2021-2022 as the subject

Call or text 4803360271

We look forward to seeing you down in Tucson, AZ in January!



The University of Arizona Debate Series