The Dulles Classic

2021 — NSDA Campus, TX/US

Hi and welcome to The Dulles Classic.

We will be completely virtual with Asynchronous Speech events, Online Debate, and extemporaneous speaking through NSD Classrooms. 

Entry information: 

Asynchronous entry videos are due by 3:00pm on 9/30/21

Cross entry in extemporaneous and/or speech allowed for all debaters except for VLD which will have 5 preliminary debate rounds. 

We will offer WSD, NCX, CX, NPF, PF, NLD, and LD. 

LD will have 5 single-flighted rounds we will maintain this as long as we have enough judges to make the rounds work. We will try to have single flights in all LD and PF rounds including novice rounds to make the tournament quicker. 

Our focus this year is to maximize the number of debate rounds we can have on a weekend. Historically, our LD and CX numbers have been good and thus we are trying to make sure both get the maximum number of rounds. 

We will break brackets, and accelerate rounds as necessary. 

We much prefer your judges to your fees. 

The schedule is here: 

Dulles Schedule

If you are an independent judge wanting a contract 

 Judge Sign ups