Pampa TFA

2021 — Pampa, TX/US

Welcome to the 2021 Pampa High School TFA IQT. We are excited to have you on our campus for our IN-PERSON tournament! All live, no zoom, no synch, no async just good old-fashioned debate. Having said that we will have a VERY limited concession stand with grab-and-go prepackaged snack options. We recommend that teams make plans for meals at a local eatery as we will not have any items that would constitute a healthy, balanced meal. We recommend that teams each take a table and remain socially distant when possible. Individuals are encouraged to wear masks when feasible and to remain vigilant in cleaning and hygiene to minimize potential exposure to COVID-19.


Due to the desire to limit the number of people on campus and the limited number of locally available judges we will be restricting entry numbers. all IE's will be capped at 24 total and 4 per squad while Debate will be maxed out at 4 per school and 15 total. I will try to accommodate waitlisted individuals when the total number has yet to be reached but UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will we exceed the total entry limits. Students may cross-enter between A and B events. We will also most likely not be able to accelerate the schedule but we will if judging availability allows. PLEASE STRONGLY CONSIDER ENTERING YOURSELF and/or bringing judges with you. PHS Debate will enter students to make minimum entry numbers if that becomes necessary. PHS students will not be allowed to advance to finals per TFA rules.

 Panels will be used in all TFA elimination rounds but may not be available for non-TFA events.

Power matching will be HIGH HIGH in prelims of debate




Policy: Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its protection of water resources in the United States.

LD: Resolved: The member nations of the World Trade Organization ought to reduce intellectual property protections for medicines.


Team sweepstakes awards will be calculated as follows:

12 points- 1st place

10 points- 2nd place

8 points- 3rd place

6 points- 4th place

4 points- 5th place- 8th place

Sweepstakes will be awarded to the top three teams. The top 6 entries in each event will receive awards. 



Pattern A DI, INF, POE, IX, DX, DUET

Pattern B HI, OO, POI, PR, DUO

Registration 7:15-7:45

8:00 Round 1 Debate/ Pattern A RD1

9:00-12:00 Congress Prelims

10:00 Debate Round 2/ Pattern B RD1

12:00 Debate Round 3/ Pattern A RD2

1:00-3:00 Congress Finals

2:00 Debate Semis/Pattern B RD 2

3:30 Debate/ Pattern A Finals

4:00 Pattern B Finals