Des Moines Tournavelt

2021 — NSDA Campus, IA/US

Welcome to Tournavelt 2021-2022!


Friday October 22 and Saturday, October 23.

This is a VIRTUAL TOURNAMENT hosted by Theodore Roosevelt High School. We invite schools from in state and out of state to compete!

 All times are in Central Standard Time (CST). 



[[Extemp prep = GO TO THIS EXTEMP PREP LINK - password: roosevelt ]]
[[ Judges Lounge = Linked on your dashboard; go to "upcoming" on the right side --> then ballots --> then the room button will show up]]

 I'm going to paste this from the email invite as well, in case the Extemp Prep Link above doesn't work:

Here is the new link for extemp prep:

Meeting ID: 830 8917 9193

Passcode: roosevelt


All speech will be held Friday only. Double entry is permitted.

**Speech events will be synchronous. DUO INTERPRETATION will be asynchronous.** 

DUO teams should be prepared to upload a video of their piece through a youtube link or similar, with access permissions granted. UPLOAD YOUR DUO VIDEO LINK BY 10/21 @ 8 PM CST. 

Tournavelt! is a speech bid for the UK Speech Tournament of Champions (we are listed as DM Roosevelt). Bids are awarded based on the actual entries in a given event. If 24 or fewer competitors enter, the top three receive bids. If 25-72 people compete, all finalists receive bids.



Policy will be Friday and Saturday; Round 1 and Round 2 will be Friday, remaining Policy rounds will be Saturday.

Lincoln Douglas, Novice Public Forum, Varisty Public Forum, and Congress will be held Saturday only. Double entry is not permitted. These events are dependent on having enough viable entries.  

Rounds will be single flighted and break to the appropriate elim round. There will be novice and varsity divisions of PF and open divisions of CX and LD.






Hired judges are not readily available. You are expected to fulfill your full judging obligation; the tournament is not set up to allow half judges. If you need a judge, request one via email to Loan Nguyen as soon as possible. Tabroom will show the fee, but do not assume the judge is covered until it has been confirmed by Nguyen. 

WE ACTIVELY DISCOURAGE AND REQUEST THAT JUDGES DO NOT JUDGE ROUNDS BELONGING TO SEPARATE TOURNAMENTS SIMULTANEOUSLY. Judges associated with a school who do not meet their judging obligation because they are judging for a separate tournament will be fined the full missing judge fee ($150). Judges who miss their rounds repeatedly will be fined per round as needed. Please respect students' time and work by being present in all rounds. 



We will be using NSDA campus for the tournament except Congress, which will be through zoom. Please make sure all your contestants and judges can access these two platforms before registering. If you do not check for access to Campus before the tournament you run the risk of forfeiting rounds.  



Please make checks out to: [Roosevelt Speech and Debate. 4419 Center Street, Des Moines, IA 50312] Invoices are on but if you need one directly, message Loan Nguyen. 

 Mailing address is: [Roosevelt Speech and Debate, c/o Loan Nguyen. 4419 Center Street, Des Moines, IA 50312]

Out of state schools: if there are concerns in delayed mail, email to let me know you've sent the payment & I'll be on the look out for it. 

We do not take payment via CC or other online platforms.


Please register as early as possible to help us plan :-) We are so excited to host Tournavelt and we're sad you won't enjoy our concessions stand this 21-22 school year. 

Loan Nguyen


 Head of Speech and Debate