CFL Congress 2

2021 — NSDA Campus, CA/US
Legislation has been emailed to all coaches. The legislation is also posted here. You can find our CFL Congressional Debate Motions and Conventions Guide here (to help POs and settle issues that may come up in round). 
Important Tournament Information:
We are using NSDA Campus for competition rooms. You will be in the same chamber for both sessions. 

Judges arrive virtually to the CFL Judges Room on Zoom at 3:45 pm to receive instructions & assignments: Here is the link:
Passcode: CFL2122

For students, postings will drop at 3:50 pm. After you get your assignment, join your NSDA Campus Room, and begin docket and PO discussions. All competitors should be in their chamber by 4:00 pm. Rounds start promptly at 4:10 pm

Each chamber requires a student Presiding Officer (more may serve/ divide the time). Competition cannot start without a PO. At the end of the second session, students will vote on the most outstanding PO in each chamber. Consult the CFL Congress Conventions document for help navigating the motions and procedures in CFL Congress tournaments.

Friday, December 3rd Schedule

Registration/ Judges Instructions 3:45 pm - 4:00 pm (on CFL Judges Lounge Zoom- see above)

Round 1:  4:10 - 6:10 pm    (take one break)

Dinner:      6:10 to 7:00 pm

Round 2:  7:00 pm to  9:00 pm    (take one break)

Awards ASAP once tabulation is complete (on CFL Judges Lounge Zoom- see above)


We will attempt to hire judges, but we need to know entry numbers ASAP to organize this. You can provide judges (who likely will not be used if your school has more than 6 entries) but if you can, please hire out your obligation from the tournament (assuming your students can afford it). Do not add hire requests if costs present a challenge for your students. This is simply to allow the league to fairly secure qualified/ unaffiliated judges. We will still use about 4-6 parent judges per session.

We will aim to have chambers of 12-14 students per room.

We will use direct cross-examination.

For all other motions and procedures (including Presiding Officer guidance) consult this CFL Congress Conventions Guide [link to come in late November]


Students finishing in the Top Position of their House Chamber receive a wildcard to the State Qualifier. 

The top two finishers in the Senate will also earn wildcards (assuming we have 11 entries in the Senate/ 1 wildcard if 8-10 in the Senate/ no Senate if under 8).

Thank you, and see you at the competition!