CDA Novice Scrimmage

2021 — NSDA Campus, CT/US

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(Only those registered for the tournament will be admitted to the Zoom call.) 



Welcome to the 2021-22 season!

The Novice Scrimmage is our first event of the year.  It is a chance for Novice debaters to see a debate and participate in two judged practice rounds, and a chance for Varsity debaters to try their hand at judging. 

Registration is now open.  Please see the full invitation posted on this page for registration details and the day's schedule.  

This will be an online tournament, with the main session in Zoom and the individual debates using Tabroom's Campus feature.


This is a tournament for members of the Connecticut Debate Association.  We welcome interested parties who are looking to join the league. 

While we usually welcome visitors from other states, CDA will not be accepting entries from non-Connecticut high schools this year unless they are past CDA members.  We appreciate that online tournaments make it possible for debaters to attend events across the country.  However, the CDA operates as a league in which members compete in monthly tournaments leading to State Finals.  Schools that are unlikely to become permanent members do not fit well into this framework.

For information about the league, activities and format, please see our website, .  For questions or comments, please email: 

Everett Rutan

Executive Director

Connecticut Debate Association