CEDA Nationals at George Mason University

2022 — Fairfax, VA/US




Zoom Protocol

All zoom participants, judges, observers must utilize the following naming system

Role-Name-School. Example: Obs-Nick Ryan-Liberty U

Unnamed/no school listed/no role listed people will be kicked out of the zoom if they do not rename themselves.

COVID Protocols

1. Masks are required at all times inside a campus building (including during all competition rounds) by participants, observers, coaches, and judges. After an initial warning, failure to abide by the policy will result in participants being restricted from in-person participation.

2. All participants must submit proof of vaccination and a negative COVID test (taken no earlier than 72 hours prior to the tournament) to the CEDA COVID survey, which will come online March 21st. 

3. Mason will be working to make as much food available outdoors as possible, or available for pick in large spaces. Teams should avoid congregating to eat indoors in large groups. If eating inside, please eat in your own competition room. 

4. We will be providing tournament badges for everyone. Please wear while on campus.


The closest parking location to on campus debates is the Mason Pond Parking Deck, located at 4471 Aquia Creek Ln, Fairfax, VA 22030. Use this address, which takes you to the top floor entrance. If you input “Mason Pond Parking Deck” into maps it will take you to the bottom entrance of the parking deck. The best place to park is closest to the 3rd floor exit – which is closest to tournament buildings. If you have a bigger vehicle, parking on weekends in the lots is free if you use park mobile. The closest lot is Lot K. You can also park in the Rappahanock parking deck visitors section if you need higher clearance (make sure to pay at the pay stations when you arrive or use park mobile).

Campus Map


We will be using the Horizon Hall, Johnson Center, and Planetary Buildings for Saturday/Sunday and Horizon, Johnson Center, and the HUB for Monday.


Step 1

On your device, connect to the MASON Wi-Fi network.

Step 2

Open your web browser. You will be redirected to the Guest captive portal.

Step 3

Follow the link to Create an Account.

Step 4

Enter the required information and Register.


Environmental Sustainability

With over 180 in person participants at the CEDA Nationals tournament, Mason is committed to reducing the use of plastics as much as possible during tournament hosting. Please bring reusable water bottles to fill up in our water fountains on campus (they are all over the Horizon building). We will not be providing disposable plastic water bottles at the tournament. 

During the tournament, please be cognizant of disposing trash in the proper waste cans. In the Horizon Building, we have recycling and composting options in all the hallways. Avoid throwing out food trash in the small cans in the classrooms.

Mason cleaning staff are underpaid and undervalued, please be a responsible tournament participant while on campus so we can ease the cleaning load for our janitorial staff as much as possible. THANK YOU!