Utah Panther Pride Online

2021 — Online, UT/US

West SLC Panther Pride Debate Tournament 
January 20-21, 2023

Sponsored by West High School in Salt Lake City   


On behalf of our West High School SLC team, we would like to invite you and your team to attend the Utah Panther Pride Online Debate Tournament on November 12th and 13th. We are proud to offer Novice, JV, and Varsity levels of Lincoln Douglas Debate, Public Forum Debate, Policy, and Congressional Debate. We will also be offering Novice, JV, and Varsity levels of Big Questions, Extemporaneous Speaking, Original Oratory, and Prepared Prompt Speech. Continuing on in the speech arena, we will be also offering Combined Interpretations (Dramatic Interpretation, Duo Interpretation, and Humorous Interpretation), Informative Speaking, Impromptu Speaking, and POI.  What is also exciting is our event of World Schools!  Our commitment to providing an efficient tournament with great hospitality, strong competition, and superior judging. We would be honored to have you be a part of this event.  

Due to COVID-19, this year’s Utah Panther Pride Tournament will take place virtually using Zoom and Breakout Rooms. 

The schedule for this tournament is designed to give opportunity for students to be able to branch out and try new and different events available. The structure of the tournament will be set so that those competing in debate events will also be able to compete in speech events and vice versa. This includes students in Congress, World Schools, and Extemp who usually miss out on this opportunity the most. Please be aware that you will be competing both Friday and Saturday for both events, but they will never overlap. Please encourage your students to double enter across event classifications to help get large pools of participants to compete against for each event. Students may double enter in speech events as usual, except for Extemp. That means a student has to opportunity to compete in a total of three events in a single weekend!  Yay, more NSDA Points!!! Make the most of your 10 tournaments and get your students heaps of experience.


Debate Events Zoom Link: https://slcschools-org.zoom.us/j/5957477388 

Speech Events Zoom Link: https://slcschools-org.zoom.us/j/84180458654


-Asynchronous Speech Recordings must be submitted by Wednesday 11/10 at 8:00PM 

-For combined Interp please include your specific event on the title of your speech 


Friday 11/12 (Debate first and then Speech)

Debate Round One: 3:45-5:15PM (PF, LD, CX, WS, BQ)

Debate Round Two: 5:30-7:00 PM 

Congress Session One: 3:45-6:15PM

Speech Round One: 7:30-8:30 PM (Combined Extemp, Impromptu Speaking)


Saturday 11/13 (Speech and then Debate)

Speech Round Two: 8:15-9:15AM

Debate Round Three: 9:30-11:00AM

Debate Round Four: 11:15 AM - 12:45 PM

Congress Session Two: 9:30AM - 12:00PM

Speech Round Three: 1:00-2:00PM

Speech Round Four: 2:30-3:30PM

If needed for any event, we will have a Final Round beginning at 4pm. 


Explanation of Double Entry: 

For this tournament it will be important to remember these three categories:

Debate: PF, LD, CX, Congress, World Schools, and Big Question  

Speech Asynchronous: Original Oratory, Combined Interp (DI, HI, DUO, and POI), Prepared Prompt Speaking, and Informative (these will be recorded and uploaded to Tabroom)

Speech Synchronous: Impromptu Speaking and Extemp

Students may pick any combination using the following formula:

(only one debate event, only one synchronous event, unlimited entry in asynchronous events) 

Entry Fees and Fines

The entry fees are sanctioned by the UHSAA: $4 per student per day, and $15 per school per day.

CX Entry = $16.00

LD Entry = $8.00 

PF Entry = $16.00

Hired Judges and Fines for Missing Judges: $50 per judge (no current high-school students may judge at this tournament) 

This covers virtual rooms, trophies, and tournament judge hires.  Please mail your checks in advance. 

Please make all checks payable to West High School. Checks can be sent to:

West High School, Attn: Susan M Raymond, 241 N 300 West, Salt Lake City, UT 84103

We look forward to seeing you!


Susan M Raymond, Tournament Co-Director 

Jason Daniels, Tournament Co-Director