Newton Alma Momma Moore

2021 — Newton, KS/US

Dear Debate Coach,


The Newton Railer Debate Team would like to invite you to the Alma Mama Moore Invitational Debate Tournament on Saturday, October 23, 2021. We will cut off at 80 entries. THIS IS AN IN PERSON DEBATE TOURNEY. UNLESS SCHOOL GETS LOCKED DOWN INTO REMOTE, we will be in person.

Open in addition to novice divisions will be offered. We will be offering 5 rounds.  The first two rounds will be preset, third, fourth and fifth rounds will be delay power matched. Medals will be given for the top 6 in each division. The top 8 speakers in all divisions will be given awards. Sweepstakes will be based on the school's top four teams. Max entry is 4 total teams with one minimum in each division.

Enclosed is a copy of our tournament regulations, time schedule and entry form.  YOU MUST use to enter the tournament. We will be tabbing with tabroom also. Please do not email the entries. All judges and students must have linked tabroom accounts. Judges are needed. I need you bring 1 judge plus the coach for 4 entries. I am trying to recruit judges and may not need coaches to judge but we do need 1 judge available per 4 entries.


If you have any questions or concerns, please give me a call at 316-284-6280 ext. 2050.  If at all possible, please call between 3:30 pm and 4:00pm. My cell is 316-323-7193 if you need to call anytime but prefer you to text. We look forward to seeing you! 




NHS Debate Coach

David Williams