HCMS Patriot In Person Tournament

2022 — Buchanan, TN/US

Welcome to the IN PERSON

Henry County Middle School Patriot Invitational!!

Saturday, January 15th

@ Lakewood School

6745 Hwy 79 N.

Buchanan, TN


We are looking forward to hosting a totally in person tournament for middle schools in KY and TN!  Masks will be optional as our state currently does not require them in the schools.  Please take COVID precautions and maintain adequate social distancing when possible.

Our tournament will offer the following events:

Radio Broadcasting


Dramatic Interpretation

Duo Acting

Duo Improvisation

Extemporaneous Speaking

Humorous Interpretation

Impromptu Speaking

Original Oratory




We will also award the annual “Rae Taylor Black Book Award” to the individual with the most points accumulated across their events throughout the day.  A sort of Individual Sweeps award.

We will be following the rules set forth in the KHSSL.org (KY) manual for each middle school event.  Students may triple except out of extemporaneous (where they may only double).  Entries will be $7 per entry ($14 per duo event).  Teams are asked to bring 1 judge for every 6 entries (ie. 7 entries = 2 judges).  Missing judges will have a fee of $25.  We would rather have your judges than the fees.

The schedule will be as follows:

7:45 - Registration

8:30 - Round 1

10:15 - Round 2

12:00 - Round 3

1:30 - Finals

3:30 - Awards

The Judges Lounge is one of our specialties, prepared by the finest cooks amongst our teaching staff.  Breakfast foods, soups, casseroles, dips, etc…

Students may purchase pizza, snacks and drinks from our concessions area in the cafeteria during the day.

We look forward to seeing everyone in person again!  Please let me know if you have any questions about the tournament.  My contact information is below.

David Weatherly, Coach

Henry County Middle School Speech Team