Marlborough Middle School and Novice Invitational

2022 — NSDA Campus, CA/US


Welcome to the Marlborough Middle School and Novice Tournament. Whether the tournament will be held in person or online in to be determined. We will make an announcement as the tournament approaches.



The middle school divisions are for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders who don't normally compete in high school tournaments.

The Novice divisions are for students that compete in High School tournament novice divisions.

If you have questions about which division a student should be entered in, don't hesitate to ask.


LD & PF Schedule (Single-Flighted)

9:00    Round 1

10:15  Round 2

11:30   Round 3

1:15    Round 4

2:30    Awards


Policy Schedule

9:00    Round 1

11:00  Round 2

1:30    Round 3

3:30    Awards



In LD, we will be using the January/February topic: TO BE ANNOUNCED

In PF, we will be using the the February topic: TO BE ANNOUNCED


Debate Style

The students and judges participating in our tournament will generally be from schools that practice a progressive, technical style of debate. In Lincoln-Douglas, this will include policy crossover arguments like plans, counterplans, and disadvantages. If you prefer that your students learn a more traditional, rhetorically-oriented style, attending our tournament may not be the best choice for your team. 

We welcome Varsity debaters as judges for the tournament. The expectation is that any parent volunteer judges will be trained by their school's coach prior to judging at the tournament. Untrained parent volunteers do not cover a school's judging obligation.
Judges are expected to provide constructive and encouraging oral feedback in every debate, and to disclose the winner of each debate.
Judges are expected to make every debate welcoming and be mindful of the age of student competitors. Judges may not use profanity, may not comment on students' appearance, and should give every student positive feedback alongside suggestions for improvement. Inappropriate comments or actions toward students will result in judges being dismissed from the tournament.