Rex Fleming Memorial Tournament

2021 — Houston, TX/US


SEPTEMBER 24-25, 2021 

THE Memorial High School Speech and Debate team is pleased to invite you to the "Back to the Forensic" tournament. This in-person tournament promises to be an outstanding educational and safe experience for all those who participate! 

**Sadly, the in-person status is subject to change**

REGISTRATION: August 20th (12:00 PM) thru September 17th (5:00 PM)

--We will be offering 4 prelim rounds of LD and PF. 3 prelim rounds of CX and WSD. 

--NEW this year, Memorial is a NIETOC qualifying tournaments in all IE events: DI, HI, OO, DX, FX, INFO, POI, DUO and Duet

--Novice divisions available! (NLD, NPF, NX)

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If you are interested in judging please fill out the judge form on the right-hand side of this page! --->

Please register all entries here on Tabroom. We will not accept phone or fax entries. Other inquiries about the tournament should be emailed to me at:


Make checks payable to:

MHS Debate
935 Echo Lane, Houston TX 77024