Wylie Cooper Swing

2021 — Abilene, TX/US

Thank you so much for considering the Wylie/Cooper Invitational Swing for your competition weekend of December 3rd & 4th.  This tournament is brought to you by Wylie High School, Snyder High School and the Rebel Speech & Debate Boosters of Legacy High School (formerly known as Midland Lee).  There will be the a full slate of events on both days of the tournament.

Because of the current difficulties in securing volunteer judges we can not guarantee that elimination rounds or finals rounds will be paneled.  We will do our best to provide panels in finals but it should not be expected. (TFA Constitution p. 88 'Requirements' Section 19.)  You can help make those panels happen by bringing volunteers with you.  We love parent judges and we will have students available to keep time and explain events to them.

The 2nd and 3rd rounds of debate will be power matched when possible in accordance to TFA preference. (TFA Constitution p. 91 'Pairing of Preliminary Rounds' Section 2.)

We will break brackets where possible in debate rounds.  In the event a school has a closeout on a bracket the head coach has the option of deciding which of their teams will advance or if the teams will debate each other and let the judge decide.

Debate resolutions and Congressional Legislation pieces are listed in their respective event tabs but if you don't want to go that far...

Policy Debate – 2021-2022 Topic

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its protection of water resources in the United States.

Lincoln-Douglas Debate – 2021 November/December Topic

Resolved: A just government ought to recognize an unconditional right of workers to strike.

Public Forum Debate – 2021 November/December Topic Area: Blockchain

Resolved: Increased United States federal regulation of cryptocurrency transactions and/or assets will produce more benefits than harms.

Congress Docket items are taken from the TFA Fall '21 listing.

Wylie Congress Prelims (12/3) will use Docket items 21-25.

Wylie Congress Finals (12/3) will use Docket items 26-30.

Cooper Congress Prelims (12/4) will use Docket items 26-30.

Cooper Congress Finals (12/4) will use Docket items 21-25.

IE Patterns

Pattern A - Dx, Fx, DI, Poetry, Prose

Pattern B - Info, OO, Impromptu, POI, DUO, Duet

Sweepstakes formula is as follows:

Individual Events and Congress

1st - 15 points

2nd - 10 points

3rd - 5 points

Finalist (4-6) - 3 points

Debate Events (including CX, LD, PF, NPF, WSD)

1st place - 15 points

2nd place - 10 points

Semifinalists - 5 points

Quarterfinalist - 3 points