Harvard College Tournament

2021 — Cambridge, MA/US


Oct 29 Key Info:

***Important note: please make sure all of your debaters and judges have the latest version of Zoom installed on their computer. If anyone has an old version, they may not be able to select their own breakout rooms. Instructions for updating Zoom can be found at this link.

Paying Fees: All of the invoices should now be accurate. You can pay by cash or check at registration tonight starting at 8pm or by credit card at this link (also available on the invite page): https://harvarddebate.securepayments.cardpointe.com.

Room Assignment Procedures: All rounds will be assigned to a physical room in Sever, Emerson, or CGIS on the pairing. If one or both teams and/or the judge is online (ONLINE will be visible on the pairing), then the round will occur in a zoom breakout room with the same name as the physical room. We will be using a single zoom room for Open with pre-created breakout rooms. The pairing and the text blasts will contain a link to this zoom room. JV/Novice rounds will all be online in a separate Zoom Room. If one team is online, but the judge and the other team are in person, the judge will listen to the round online from a room in the Robinson building and return to the assigned room for the RFD. All in-person teams should debate from the room assigned on the pairing, even if the round is online.

Check-in Procedures for Judges: Please hit the START button to acknowledge receipt of your ballot asap. If you have not done so after 10 minutes, we will start messaging you. Please stop coaching at 10 minutes until start and report to your rooms by 5 minutes until start.

Check-In Procedures for Teams: Please report to the physical room and/or the zoom room as soon as the pairing is released for disclosure. Both teams must be back and present in the room at 10 minutes before start time. If you are online, please rename yourself with School and Name once you join the breakout room. This is very important for helping us verify that everyone is present.

Problems: For most issues, you can email or call Tripp. If it's tab related, email Gary and Tripp. If you are in-person, you can find Tripp in Sever 111 most of the time. If you are debating online, you will be able to find either Tripp or Danielle Leek (or another Harvard representative) in the main zoom room for help.

Key Reminders:

- For Elims: Full Doubles (a handful of 3-3s will likely clear). Brackets Broken. Coin flips online via tab (unless both teams choose a manual flip).

- Please don't forget to bring microphones, headphones, MASKS, and Water Bottles.

- Masks must be worn at all times while indoors.

- Wear your costumes on Sunday.

Oct 27 Updates:

- Online debates will occur on Zoom in breakout rooms. One zoom room will host all open debates and another zoom room will host all JV/Novice Debates. In open, breakout rooms will be named after the physical rooms; if a team or the judge is online, you should go to the corresponding breakout rooms. 

- We will break to a full doubles on Sunday. Brackets will be broken in the elims using the same formula as NU and Wake: the lower seeded team will move up one seed (i.e. if there is a close out in 6 v 27, then seed 27 becomes seed 28 and seed 28 becomes seed 27). 

- Coin flips. Tabroom will do coin flips, but if your debate is in person, you can flip a coin manually ASAP and then enter the result after the online flip.

- Observers will be able to access online debates from the links on the pairing. Observers should remain on mute with video off. Observers can be removed at any time if necessary or if requested by the participants. 

Oct 1 Updates:

- Added JV and Novice as online only divisions. 

- Removed caps from Open in person and online. 

- Hotel has extended the deadline by a few more days.


Please see the invitation for full information. A few details:

- We will use a hybrid format with in-person and online teams. Please note for teams attending in person: Harvard requires all official visitors to be fully vaccinated and requires indoor masks at all times regardless of vaccination status. 

- Hotel Info: We will be staying at the Marriott Newton again, about 15 minutes from Harvard. The rate is the same as 2019: $130/night. Book your group rate for Harvard Debate Tournament

- In order to accomodate online participants from the West Coast, we will adjust our traditional schedule and hold six prelims clearing to doubles. Rounds will start at 10am ET. 

We look forward to hosting you again!

Tripp, Sherry, and the HDC