The Speech Tournament at the End of the Universe

2021 — Online, US

The Speech Tournament at the End of the Universe is a free virtual tournament offering Extemp, Extemp Debate, Impromptu, and Experimental Extemp to any middle school, high school, or college students who wish to enter.  


Competitors are encouraged to sign up here on  If you are unable to sign up using Tabroom, you can also register using this form



This tournament does not require competitors to provide judges, but they are encouraged to do so.  If you are interested being a volunteer judging, please sign up on Tabroom and using this form.   



Competitors and judges are encouraged to join the tournament helpline prior to the tournament by texting @uniend to 810-10.  Independent entries should also text @uniind to 810-10 to join the independent Remind.   



Pattern A: Extemp, Extemp Debate

Pattern B: Experimental Extemp, Impromptu

Students may enter 1 event per pattern