Grandview HS Friendship Practice TFA Tournament

2021 — Grandview, TX/US


The Grandview High School Speech and Debate team invites you to join us on Saturday, November 20 for our first annual Fall Friendship Practice tournament. We are pleased to announce that we are an invitational qualifying tournament for the Texas Forensics Association. We look forward to hosting your team to a day of great food, educational rounds, and FRIENDLY competition!


Our tournament will offer three preliminary rounds of competition in debate events and will feature one guaranteed preliminary round in individual events. In addition to offering competition in all of the TFA state qualifying events, we will also offer competition in Prose and Poetry Interpretation.

We will host a novice division in EVERY event as long as demand calls for it. Novice divisions will be combined with their varsity counterparts if entries do not make. Additionally, our tournament will host competition using both the TFA and UIL LD Debate Resolutions. While both divisions will extend into out rounds, IQT points will only be awarded to participants in the TFA division. 

Students will be allowed to cross enter except CX. CX may NOT do any other event. LD/PF may cross enter in Extemp. 

CX Debaters will be debating the 2021 - 2022 Resolution - Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its protection of water resources in the United States.

PF Debaters will be debating the November/December Resolution - Resolved: TBD.

TFA Division LD Debaters will be debating the November/December Resolution - Resolved: TBD.

UIL Division LD Debaters will be debating the Fall 2021 UIL Resolution - Resolved: TBD.

Congressional Debaters will be debating the TFA Fall 2021 Docket. The morning session will feature debate over items 1-5. The afternoon session will use items 6-10. 


Please make all checks payable to:

Grandview ISD

ATTN: Michael Donaldson, Debate Coach

PO Box 310

Grandview, TX 76050

School Custodial Fee - $25.00 per school

CX Debate - $40.00 per entry

LD, PFD, Duo, and Duet - $25.00 per entry

Individual Event (and Congressional Debate) - $15.00 per entry

Missing Judge Fee - $125.00 per judge


CX Debate - 1 judge for every 2 entries or portion thereof

LD Debate and PF Debate - 1 judge for every 4 entries of portion thereof

IEs (and Congress)* - 1 judge for every 6 entries or portion thereof

*If you have a judge that is only qualified to judge some of the individual events, please indicate this in the notes section of the entry along with what events that are qualified for. If there is no note present, we will assume that the judge is qualified for all IEs and they will be placed in all pools.


If you are an individual that wishes to pursue a judging contract at this tournament, please contact Michael Donaldson at Please include a brief summary of your qualifications along with what events you are comfortable with judging. 

Judges are encouraged to give an oral critique after debate rounds, but this form of feedback should NOT replace a well-written ballot. Additionally, all oral critiques should be short and to-the-point, and all ballots should be submitted within 5 minutes of the round's completion. 


As of July 21, all events at the 2021 Fall Friendship Practice Tournament will be held live and in person on Grandview ISD campuses. Full details about our COVID-19 protocol will be published as we approach the tournament date.


Any questions should be addressed to Michael Donaldson at or at (254) 640 - 5785.