CrowdPrep Summer Special Tournament

2021 — Online, US

Welcome to the CrowdPrep Institute Summer Special!

CrowdPrep Institute is dedicated to free, online, accessible debate. From July 27th to July 30th, we’re hosting an 100% free and online workshop with top debaters in LD, extemp, congress, and even the national champion World Schools Debate team! Following that, we’re hosting this online tournament, hosting all the below events. Registration and competition is free, online, and accessible to all!


All events aside from congress are held from July 31st to August 1st. Congressional debate is held on August 2nd and 3rd.

The workshop will be held on this Discord server. The tournament will be held on this Discord server.

The Link to the Tabroom Site is here.


100% FREE! 100% ONLINE!


We are hosting: 

Lincoln Douglas

Extemp Speech

Congressional Debate

World Schools Debate

Pro/Con (asynchronous)

Original Oratory (asynchronous)


Open LD

Resolved: States ought to ban lethal autonomous weapons.


World Schools Debate

Resolved: THB that Russian containment is a priority for geopolitical stability


Congressional Debate

See under ‘Tournament Pages and Forms’ to the right


Extemp Speech

Will be sent during Extemp Prep




 · Mavericks are allowed to compete (WSD teams can compete with 2 members!)

· There are no hybrid teams

· Independent entries are allowed


· You must be at least 10th grade to judge. This is so we can guarantee the best judging experience for all debaters. (Exceptions may apply if the Tournament Director permits it)

·If you want to judge and don't meet the requirements, then email anyone on the contact list with the following information- Name, Age, Debate experience, We'll still add you in if we believe you are qualified.


· This tournament will be run largely through external spreadsheets. For any questions, please ask us on Discord here:

· All rounds will occur on our tournament server. Join here:

· To participate in the workshop or compete in the tournament, you need a Tabroom and Discord account. Registration is free.




Trigger Warning for sensitive topics are mandatory, and any practice a majority of the community would find abusive should be warranted in a speech for the judge's discretion.

·We will be running this tournament through Discord.

· Standard prep times for all events.

· This tournament has a no-tolerance policy towards any harassment or discrimination. We will automatically kick and remove any violators. 

· We will be giving NSDA Points for this tournament.