West Hardin Congress

2021 — Saratoga, TX/US


September 18th, 2021

West Hardin High School


Contact: Sandra Peek, smpeek@westhardin.org or 936.346.7394


 9:30-9:45 am: REGISTRATION


10:00-11:30 am :  WORKSHOP

This will be a clinic where students will be taught by a state level judge, competitor or coach.  The clinic will cover basics of UIL style congress along with some role playing of parts.  Students will also work collaboratively to create speeches.  It is recommended that students bring something to take notes on and a laptop/tablet/chrome book if available.  We will be working with TFA legislation items. Please have your novice students print out or download TFA docket items  before coming to the clinic. 


11:30 am-12:30 pm: LUNCH


We will have a concession stand in the cafeteria.  Because of the short day, we will not be offering coach hospitality. 



12:30-3:30  CHAMBERS

This will be the competition part of the day.  Students will be given the opportunity to debate the legislation that we just prepped.  Varsity students who would like to PO will be guided in presiding over the chambers.  Students who have experience will be distributed among the chambers in order to keep the chambers moving; however, awards will be tabulated separately to give absolute novices a fair shot.  


All legislation to be used can be found on the TFA fall docket. We will be debating Items 3 (nonprofit hospitals), 8 (gun silencers), 15 (Ukraine), 16 (Fair Housing) and 21 (Homeless Shelters).  The legislation can be found at https://www.txfa.org/documents/2021-22/Fall2021_Docket.pdf





Cost is $20.00 per student.  No coaches will judge; instead we have highly qualified paid judging arranged.  Additionally, coaches are welcome to attend the workshop portion.




We will accept registrations until we are full.  Please register as soon as possible.