1AC CESSIBILITY Exhibition Tournament For Inclusion

2021 — NSDA Campus, US



We have made the difficult decision to cancel the 1AC-CESSIBILITY Exhibition Tournament for Inclusion this weekend August 7-8. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, enrollment in the tournament was not sufficient to support an active tournament. Many people wanted to attend this event. We had several people write to us over the last month that they would love to attend, but for one reason or another (mainly the timing of the start of the school year and the date for the tournament), that they were not able to attend. 


1AC-CESSIBILITY wants to thank you for your interest in supporting us and competing this weekend. It really means a lot to us. We understand that this must be disappointing, and we want to apologize for any inconvenience this cancellation causes. 


There is still good that will and has come from this endeavour. 


We secured a grant to make this tournament happen free of charge for everyone. Our plan now is to use the funds we received in our grant to produce a judge training video about disability in speech and debate which we will then distribute to as many tournaments as we can find in hopes they include it in their judge training materials. Additionally, we have caught the attention of the National Speech and Debate Association who wants to meet with us and discuss disability equity. Finally, we have done extensive planning for this tournament--which still exists. The tournament invitation and judge training materials we have created all still exist as an example of what a more equitable and accessible tournament could look like. Hopefully, this attempt and work inspires other tournaments and community members to reflect on what is possible in the world of speech and debate. 


Thank you again for your support, 


Alanna Cronk