1AC CESSIBILITY Exhibition Tournament For Inclusion

2021 — NSDA Campus, US

For questions, email the tournament at one.ac.cessible@gmail.com | To contact the tournament director, email Alanna Cronk at amc533@georgetown.edu | Please consider signing our petition on Change.org


Welcome to the 1AC-CESSIBILITY Exhibition Tournament for Inclusion! We are an online, synchronous tournament.  We will provide generic LD cases, do not require memorization, and offer free entry which makes this the perfect way to ease into the season while supporting a good cause: equity for disabled participants! 




You are invited to participate in the 1AC-CESSIBILITY Exhibition Tournament for Inclusion! 1AC-CESSIBILITY is a community organization created by speech and debate alumni with the purpose of making the activity more accessible and equitable for disabled participants. This tournament is an incredibly unique opportunity to take part in an innovative experience that employs the changes our organization wants to see in the activity, and it is totally free to enter for all high schoolers! You do not need to be disabled to participate.  There are lots of unique aspects to this tournament to read about, so please read the full invitation!


1AC-CESSIBILITY wants to see a lot of change from speech and debate organizations. We want to show them that the changes we want are not only possible but provide a better experience for all participants. This exhibition tournament will hopefully catch the attention of governing organizations and prove to them that our vision for change is worth working towards.



Original Oratory (Original Advocacy welcome)

Collapsed Interpretation (Humorous, Dramatic, Program, Oratorical, Duo all permitted)



Lincoln Douglas Debate (March-April topic) Generic cases on our website   

Differences at this tournament

1) Cost- It is free to enter!

2) Accommodations- Everyone must fill out the participant form which inquires about accommodations (no medical information will be collected, this is run on the honor system)

3) Sitting- Everyone in ALL events (yes speech too) is allowed to give speeches seated. Do not use the chair as a prop.

4) Scoring- Speech will be rated on performance points FIRST and comparative in round rankings as a secondary tiebreaker

5) Breaks- We have designed the schedule to give ample time for rest

6) Spreading- Please get your opponent's permission to spread and have a version of your case that is an appropriate length for non-spreading debate

7) Redo Rounds- The purpose of redo rounds is to resolve equity concerns. If something upsetting happens or you feel suddenly unwell during a round, email the tournament one.ac.cessible@gmail.com with the subject REDO ROUND [YOUR NAME] with a very brief explanation of why you need the redo round. See the invite for more details.

8) Good Citizen Awards- If you feel another competition has been kind or had a particularly moving speech, fill out this form , let us know what they did and they will get an award.

9) Relax- Judges will be informed to generally take it easy on all the nitty-gritty regulations making this the perfect tournament for newcomers!


Judge Obligations

For speech: To enter, you must provide one judge for every six entries. If you are registering less than six entries, you must provide one judge. For debate: To enter, you must provide one judge for every two entries. If you are registering less than two entries, you must provide one judge.

If you are unable to find a judge, email us at one.ac.cessible@gmail.com by 7/30.

Judges must complete judge training by viewing the powerpoint here.



1AC-CESSIBILITY is always looking for help! Email us at one.ac.cessible@gmail.com if you are interested in volunteering at the tournament or working with us in any other capacity!


Incident Reporting- We will not tolerate statements, gestures, or other actions meant to foster any kind of inequity, harassment, or harm. To report an incident, fill out this form. You may report an incident anonymously.

The process of reporting an incident is as follows: 1) submission of the form 2) receipt of the form by the tournament directors 3) contact of parties mentioned, if possible and necessary, for further information 4) discussion by tournament directors 5) dissemination of remedy 6) if you are unsatisfied with the remedy, feel free to reach out to Alanna at amc533@georgetown.edu for further discussion.

Remedies may include an apology, written explanation of the incident forwarded to all responsible adults, expulsion from the tournament, and others.



1) Sign our petition on Change.org to show your support

2) Visit our website to read more about our vision for equity

3) Check out our Instagram to stay updated


Post Tournament

Let us know how it went and fill out this form.