National Speech and Debate Season Opener

2021 — NSDA Campus, KY/US





NSDA Campus Instructions for Judges -

NSDA Campus Instructions for Students -

Coach Instructions for Linking Tabroom Accounts -

NSDA Campus Connection Info/Test Room - (scroll to Tournament Attendees section for resources)



If you have an issue or question, please contact the admin/tab staff for your event using the event emails below and we will get back to you asap. Please do *not* email tournament officials separately – the help emails below are the best means of contact and are routed to the relevant staff.


Email Subjects

Please use one of the following at the beginning of your email subject line to help us route your inquiry:

Missing Person – If a judge or participant is missing

Tabbing Issue - Ballot issues, problems with pairing, judging issues, etc.

Tech Time – If your round is invoking Tech Time (see Procedures for details), please email the event help and include the time (including time zone) that Tech Time started, and update us when issue is resolved or time elapses.

Tech Issue – If you are having a tech issue, especially if you are having an issue getting to your round, please notify us.

Procedures Issue – Questions or concerns, inquiries about filing a petition with the Ombuds Office about a procedures issue

Equity Issue - Questions or concerns, inquiries about filing a petition with the Equity Office about an equity, harassment, discrimination, or bullying incident


Email Content (Suggest copying this as a template into your email)

All emails should include the following information *in the body of the email*:

Your full name

Your school affiliation

Your role (competitor, judge, coach)


Round #

Room #

Contact Phone Number

Issue you are emailing about – Please provide details.


Event Help Email Addresses (please review instructional information above before submitting):

Congress Help -

LD Help -

Policy Help -

Public Forum Help - 

Speech Help - 


Ombuds & EquiTY OFFICES

If you have an equity or procedural concern, please review this document for information about our petition process.