GBS Hybrid JVNovice Opener

2021 — Glenview, IL/US

Welcome to our hybrid tournament. We feel that it is important for novices and second-years to experience an in-person tournament to give them a frame of reference for debate if at all possible. We will do everything in our power to make this safe and fun. 

HOWEVER - we will offer an online option for a) students with medical accommodations and/or b) schools that are not allowed to go on physical field trips by the time of the tournament. 

If you need to debate online, please talk to Alyssa ( 

UPDATE: We now have a hotel block -



The tournament is restricted to the NDCA novice packet minus any CPs and Ks. We also will not allow the wetlands affirmative. In other words, you can read the NDCA novice packet fracking affirmative, lead affirmative, or ag runoff affirmative plus and DAs or t arguments that are in the packet. The only exception to this rule is teams part of the CDL may read CDL novice packet arguments as long as they are reasonably similar to the NDCA packet


There will be a $10/person charge for food at the tournament. It will be itemized on your invoice. This is necessary to plan food needs ahead of time so that we can offer safe grab and go options. Everyone will be provided lunch. We are charging at cost for the food - not trying to make a profit - and this is as low as we could get it while still providing a wholesome meal. I will have you select your meal type ahead of time via Google Form. Each grab and go lunch will come with bottled water, a sandwich, a cookie, and a couple of sides. Sandwich options are turkey and cheese, ham and cheese, chicken caesar, vegetarian hummus and vegetarian caprese. Gluten free bread is available. 
Complimentary coffee/grab and go breakfasts are available for adults. 


I’m trying something new here - it’s really important to me that novices and second years get good feedback and while that’s possible with student judges, it doesn’t always happen. Please make sure every adult is in for at least one debate. 


THE QUIET ROOM for those who need a break from sensory stimulation will be 1159

Tampons/pads should be available in every student bathroom - if there are none there we will have extra in 1125 (near the TT doors - it's the debate squad room)

Please email if any equity issues arise 

The awards ceremony will be outside if the weather cooperates to ensure safety.



The following COVID safety rules will be implemented:

1) Yes masks

2) Each competition room will have markings/be arranged to clearly indicate where students should sit, speak from, etc. This will help maintain both social distancing and make cleaning protocols easier to implement.

3) Sanitation supplies will be provided for each room. Each judge and student should wipe down their areas before and after each debate. 

4) Each team will be assigned a large "home base" room to minimize intermingling between schools.

5) Lunches will be grab and go and will be dropped off to team home base rooms - therefore, there will be no need to congregate in the cafeteria. 

6) Each attending student/judge will need to fill out a health screening the night before the tournament. 


They must be paid in advance of the tournament! 
Checks are preferred. Please email me if this is an issue.