GBS In Person JVNovice Opener

2021 — Glenview, IL/US

As of right now, this tournament will occur in person at GBS. More specific info on waivers + safety measures will come later. We feel that it is important for novices and second-years to experience an in-person tournament to give them a frame of reference for debate. 

If you have a student who has a severe medical accommodation etc., please talk to Alyssa ( With the exception of severe/unique situations, we will NOT be running a hybrid model and generally expect people to attend in person.   

 Right now, I don’t have a hotel block, but I can look into it if there is significant interest. 


There will be a $10/person charge for food at the tournament. It will be itemized on your invoice. This is necessary to plan food needs ahead of time so that we can offer safe grab and go options. Everyone will be provided lunch. We are charging at cost for the food - not trying to make a profit - and this is as low as we could get it while still providing a wholesome meal. I will have you select your meal type ahead of time via Google Form. Each grab and go lunch will come with bottled water, a sandwich, a cookie, and a couple of sides. Sandwich options are turkey and cheese, ham and cheese, chicken caesar, vegetarian hummus and vegetarian caprese. Gluten free bread is available. 
Complimentary coffee/grab and go breakfasts are available for adults. 


I’m trying something new here - it’s really important to me that novices and second years get good feedback and while that’s possible with student judges, it doesn’t always happen. Please make sure every adult is in for at least one debate. 

The awards ceremony will be outside if the weather cooperates to ensure safety. 


They must be paid in advance of the tournament! 
Checks are preferred. Please email me if this is an issue.