Care Congress

2021 — Online, US

Care Congress is a free, online congressional debate tournament held on June 26th! 

We'll be fundraising for organizations combatting eating disorders; this tournament is not affiliated with the NSDA, NCFL, NYCFL, or any other leagues; we hope you can donate! 

If you have any questions,  DM us on Instagram(@congressforcovid) or email us on the tournament contact buttons to the right: –>


We'll be hosting you through Zoom, Tabroom, and Discord. Please make sure you have an account on all three platforms. 

Judge Registration (while we won't be hiring, we'd love it for you to volunteer your time!):

1. Fill out this google form:

2. Join this discord server:

3. Judging will take place through Tabroom – if you're not used to it, please take a look at this judging manual: 

4. Get ready and excited!!!

Competitor Registration

(1 Bill per prelim session, 2 prelims, straight break to finals with two bills so minimal prep!)

1. Fill out this google form:

2. Join this discord server:

3. Check out our goFundme:

4. Get ready and excited!!

–> Click on the Full Procedures tab for more information on legislation!

Key Dates and Times

June 25th

11:59 pm CST: Registration Closes, if you're dropping please let us know by then!

June 26th

8:00 am CST: Preliminary Chambers Released

11:00 am CST – 12:00PM CST: Prelims Session 1

12:30 pm CST – 1:30PM CST: Prelims Session 2

1:45 pm CST: Finals breaks released

2:30 pm CST – 5:00PM CST: Finals

5:30 pm CST: Awards


In the meantime, check us out on Instagram! @congressforcovid