MSQI 4 Championship

2021 — Virtual, NY/US

Welcome to MSQI Debate 4: Championship Tournament. This tournament is only open to schools who participate in the MSQI Debate League. 

Registration closes on Friday, June 4 at 5:00pm

Date and Location:

This tournament will take place on Friday, June 11 on the online debate platform

The tournament will run from 8:00am - 2:30pm. Students will debate two rounds. 


  The United States federal government should require all American citizens eighteen years or older to vote. 

    • This was the resolution from Debate 1. 

    • You can find starter packs for this resolution here: STARTER PACK VOTING 

Selecting Debaters:

  • For the championship tournament, we do limit the number of teams competing. Each school may register up to TWO teams per division (novice, intermediate, advanced, Spanish). 

    • This means if you have students competing in all four divisions, you can register a maximum of eight teams (16 students). 

    • Debaters in the championship should have participated in at least 1 online MSQI debate this year. 

    • The selection is up to each debate coach. Coaches are encouraged to prioritize top teams to allow debaters the opportunity to compete against other top debaters in their division; however, this is only a suggestion. 

    • Students are not allowed to compete in a lower division for the MSQI Championship. For example, if a student is in their second year as a debater, they should continue to compete in the Intermediate division. 

    • Schools are only allowed to register 1 maverick team per division. 


Squad Verification Form is due by 8:45am (all teams):