The Independence Winter Classic NOVICE

2021 — Independence, MO/US

 Thank you for attending the Novice IWC. 

*****MASKS ARE no longer required in the ISD. However, the GKCSC COVID-19 protocols are outlined below for your review  

  • Do not arrive before 2:40 pm on Friday.

  • This will allow the parking lots to clear.

  • Each school shall be guaranteed up to two entries in each competitive event offered.  Extra entries will be granted on a basis of space availability and order of submitted entries. 

  • A student may not enter both divisions of Extemporaneous speaking, nor may students enter more than one division of debate. 

  • A student may enter up to one debate event and two individual events. Students may NOT do Congress and another Individual Event. 

  • Please do not allow students to triple enter in any other combination than the example given above. 

  • No Maverick teams will be allowed in any division of debate. 

  • Please observe COVID-19 protocols as outlined below and help us enforce so we can continue to provide in-person Speech and Debate opportunities to our students. 

  • Schools are financially responsible for all entry fees as of Tuesday, December 1st at 3:00 PM. This includes all entries that are dropped from Dec 1st until the conclusion of the tournament.

  • Entry fees are $8.00 per entry. 

  • Tab will be open for view throughout the tournament. Results will become permanent 10 minutes after final tabulation

  • A student may not use the same selection for more than one event.

  • Each school must have an adult sponsor and someone available to judge at all times.  

  • Sweepstakes will be given for the top three schools in speech and debate events combined.

 ***LD and PFD will be double-flighted. 

COVID-19 Protocols


Masking in Debate

All participants, judges, and timekeepers will be required to wear masks during the entirety of the debate.

Masking in Speech

All participants, judges, and timekeepers will be required to wear masks during the entirety of the speeches.

Masking in Common Areas

In common areas, masks may be removed when eating or taking a drink but it should be put back in place when not actively eating or drinking.

Common Areas

Schools will be separated out into the various common areas we have within our building; we can place schools into their own large classrooms upon request (when we receive your entry). School sponsors are expected to be with their students in your assigned common area for the majority of the tournament to ensure students are following our COVID-19 Protocol and respecting your assigned space in our facility.

Mask Guidelines

·   Masks should have multiple layers of tightly woven fabric (either cloth or disposable).

·   Masks should block light when held up to a bright light source (exceptions are clear masks to allow for lip-reading so long as the other mask conditions are also met).

·   Masks should securely cover nose and mouth without slipping or gaps.

·   Do not wear masks with exhalation valves or vents.

·   Do not wear face shields without a mask under them.

Replacement Masks

Sponsors are responsible for ensuring competitors have appropriate masks before arriving on our campus. Any judge or competitor not adhering to our COVID-19 protocol or needing a replacement mask will be directed to our Judge Check-In Table.


Competitors are expected to stay in their competition rooms during speech events unless double-entered. No one will be allowed to spectate in any competition rooms who isn’t assigned to be in the room by the tournament (competitors, judges, and possibly timekeepers). We ask school sponsors to be diligent about keeping our occupancy low in your assigned common areas – if you have someone dropping off food or a parent picking up a competitor, they must follow our COVID-19 Protocol and should not stay longer than necessary.


Unfortunately, we will not hold a general awards ceremony. Speech awards will be handed out to coaches after tabbing is completed on Friday. We will award the top 6 in each event.   On Saturday, debate awards will be announced in elimination rooms by our tournament staff after the panel of judges have turned in their ballots (debate and overall sweepstakes will be posted with debate postings).