Triumph Debate x Empower Expression June Invitational

2021 — Online, US

Triumph Debate x Empower Expression

June Invitational

Saturday, June 5th 2021


Triumph Debate is collaborating with Empower Expression to host a practice scrimmiage for the NSDA National Tournament, in LD. All proceeds will go to Empower Expression, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit. This tournament is a fundraiser for charity, as well as an educational experience for students seeking more practice before Nationals. We will be hosting the tournament virtually, utilizing NSDA Campus for competition.



9:30am            Judge & Student Check-In

10:00am          ROUND 1 – Pairings Released & Report Time

10:15am          ROUND 1 – START

11:30am          ROUND 2 – Pairings Released & Report Time

11:45pm          ROUND 2 – START

BREAK: 1:00pm - 1:45pm

1:45pm            ROUND 3 – Pairings Released & Report Time

2:00pm            ROUND 3 – START

3:15pm            ROUND 4 – Pairings Released & Report Time

3:30pm            ROUND 4 – START


Elimination Round Announcements: 4:45pm

5:00pm            SEMIFINALS – Pairings Released & Report Time

5:15pm            SEMIFINALS – START

6:30pm            FINALS – Pairings Released & Report Time

6:45pm            FINALS – START


Tournament Topics:

LD - Resolved: A public health emergency justifies limiting civil liberties.

Judge Obligations:

Each student entered in LD must provide (1) judge to cover 3 preliminary rounds and 1 elimination round.

There are no requirements for judges in terms of experience. We hope for this tournament to be accessible to all students, offer a wide variety of feedback from various different judges, and to accurately reflect the NSDA Nationals judging pool.

Entry Fees:

LD - $15.00 entry fee per student

PF - $25.00 entry fee per team

Judging Fees:

Assuming an entry is unable to provide a judge to cover their judge obligation, they may have the option to pay a judge fee. This will allow us to hire a judge to cover their obligation.

LD - $40.00 judge fee per entry

NSDA Campus information:

NSDA Campus Judge Instructions -

NSDA Campus Student Instructions -

NSDA Campus Info & Test Room