EBDL May Tournament

2021 — NSDA Campus, CA/US

Judge Zoom Room: https://collegeprep.zoom.us/j/3406388869?pwd=ZzZ0VFlUWXpMOW5laE1Ib24vV24yZz09 


1) The US should withdraw from and cease all military operations in Afghanistan during the Biden administration.

2) The United States federal government should substantially increase its non-military development of the Earth's oceans.

3) Right to work laws do more harm than good.

4) Citizen Initiated Propositions on the ballot do more harm than good.

What to do if something goes wrong: email Kayla at klong@college-prep.org

Schedule (Subject to Change Throughout the Day):


Check in Student Debaters & Judges

-Pairings released @ 8:45; debaters & judges will be directed to the room they are debating in via Tabroom links.


- All judges should go here for the Judges Zoom link at 9:00 and in between rounds!  If you are not listed to judge a round, you should remain on-standby in this Zoom Room and be easily-contactable until 10 minutes after round start time in case we need you to fill in for missing judges. 


Debate Round 1


Debate Round 2




Debate Round 3


Debate Round 4


Results, Awards (go here!), Thank-yous, & Dismissal