Media City Invitational

2021 — Online / Burbank, CA/US

The Burbank High School Speech and Debate Team cordially invites you to our 2021 Media City Invitational on Sunday, May 9th! Our tournament will feature 3 rounds of Big Questions Debate (topic: Resolved: Mathematics was discovered, not invented) with all standard NSDA procedures followed by 1 championship round. We’ve also set up autopointing, so come for the free NSDA points and some good pre-Nats practice!


The tournament is ENTIRELY FREE with one caveat: that your entries and your judges fill out a quick & short survey from the NSDA within a day of the conclusion of the event. Otherwise, it’s $20 per entry - but why not just fill out the survey?




NOTE: WE ARE HAVING A ROUND ROBIN (INVITE ONLY) FROM 8-10. AFTER WILL BE THE REGULAR TOURNAMENT. If I have notified you that you are doing this, please be ready and on the General VC of the Discord by 8AM PST.


The regular schedule looks as follows:

Round 1:

10:15 AM PST / 12:15 PM CST / 1:15 PM EST

Round 2:

12:15 PM PST / 2:15 PM CST / 3:15 PM EST

Round 3:

1:45 PM PST / 3:45 PM CST / 4:45 PM EST

Championship Round

3:15 PM PST / 5:15 PM CST / 6:15 PM EST

In regards to judging, we understand this may be difficult for some teams. 1 for every 2 entries. That being said, we’re opening judging up to any high school junior or senior with at least 150 NSDA points (we’re checking). If this is still unattainable, please email me at I’ll try to arrange something for you. No promises, though.


The rules for the event are simple: we’re only offering Big Questions, and all rules are standard NSDA rules. We’ll be going WL - Speaks - RCPs on tiebreakers and all awards will be digital. 

CRUCIALLY: the entire event will be held on our tournament Discord, which can be found by clicking on the “Location” tab on the main page. All pairings and information will be released at for reference. We’ll be releasing the Discord invite at max 3 days before the event.


Because we’re in a fundraising contract with the NSDA, we will charge on Tabroom for ALL drops made after the deadline listed. We’re also considering having a BQ Round Robin before the actual event for debaters with a successful track record - please reach out to us for more information.