WY Extemp Debate Scrimmage Tourney Extravaganza

2021 — Online, WY/US

Dear Coaches,

The Jackson Hole High School and Cheyenne East Speech & Debate Team invites you to our inaugural Virtual Extemporaneous Debate & Asynchronous Supplemental Events WY Scrimmage Extravaganza Tourney Schools wishing to attend our meet will be entered on a first come, first serve basis. There will be an initial registration limit of 6 entries per event. We will let in as many waitlisted entries as we can but the Extemp Debate tournament will have a maximum of 64 entries allowed. Priority will be given to Wyoming schools for entries. 

Registration will take place at http://wyextempdebate.tabroom.com

We will plan to use the Zoom model for our tournament. 

General applicable debate State & National rules will apply unless otherwise indicated in this invitation.


Guide to Supplemental Events


A one-on-one format, Extemporaneous Debate consists of two students who will argue a specified topic with limited preparation time. Students are given a minimum of thirty minutes to prepare for each debate and are notified if they are for or against the provided resolution. This quick-moving debate takes roughly 20 minutes to complete. Students present arguments and engage in rebuttals, however, unlike other common debate events, students debate a number of topics, as opposed to a single topic for the entire tournament. Each round students are presented a unique resolution. They are given a minimum of thirty minutes to prepare for the round. The use of evidence is permitted, but not a focal point due to the limited time available to prepare a case for the round.


Debate Format:
We will be double-flighting the preliminary rounds of Debate along with the quarterfinals round. The semifinals, and finals rounds will be single-flighted. 


Pairings and topics will be released 30 minutes prior to the debate start time of the rounds. 

Topic Releases will be held in a group zoom room. 

Rounds will be held in breakout rooms of Zoom.

First flight students will be released from the group zoom 30 minutes after topic release. 

Second flight students will be released from the group zoom room 50 minutes after topc release. 

Students are encouraged to collaborate with team members and friends during their prep.

Ties in debate will be broken by power of opposition first, followed by speaker points.


Judging. Many judges will be Jackson community members but we will have a requirement of accompanying judges for each team.  If bringing accompanying judges is an issue for your team, please contact tournament director Londe Gagnon (lgagnon@tcsd.org).  Most likely, we will need to use some coaches for back-up in case of "no-show" judges. Please register your judges on tabroom no later than Wednesday May 20. All judges must have linked tabroom accounts in order to access online ballots. 


Click here for instructions on How to use online ballots, link accounts, and submit results and comments - For Judges

Click Here for Additional Instructions For Judges



Initial registration numbers are due on Thursday May 13. Please get them in sooner rather than later!   

Final registration entry adds are due on Thursday May 20, 2021 at 5pm.

Only drops or substitutions will be allowed after the final registration deadline (no adds).  Registration will be through tabroom. All changes and drops should be done online, in accordance with the stated deadlines.

Drops on Saturday May 22, 2021, the first (and only) day of the meet, may be made online until 7:30am, without penalty. They may also be made bycalling or texting Londe Gagnon at 307-699-0537. Please do not rely on email.


Event drops received after 7:30am on Saturday May 22,  2021 will be assessed a late drop fee of $10.00 each. First Round "no shows" will be considered late drops as well.



  • Registration will be held online from 7am-7:30am on Saturday May 22


Extemp Debate Entry fees are $5 

To avoid event drop fees, please call Londe with your drops on Saturday morning or record your drops online before that time. 


Medals will be awarded to Finalists, Semi Finalists & QuarterFinalists

We look forward to seeing you at the tournament!

Sincerely, The Jackson Hole High School & Cheyenne East Speech and Debate Team 


Londe Gagnon - lgagnon@tcsd.org  // 307-699-0537  -Peggy Gagnon - 52mgagnon@gmail.com  // 307-413-6779 -Marcus Viney vineyspeechanddebate@gmail.com


Async Supplemental Events will be judged between 8:30am and 4pm.




Topic Release 8:00 AM
Round 1 (double flighted) 8:30am-9:30am
Topic Release 9:30 AM
Round 2 (double flighted) 10am-11am
Topic Release 11:15 AM
Round 3 (double flighted) 11:45am-12:45pm
Topic Release 1:00 PM
Round 4 (double flighted) 1:30pm-2:30pm
Topic Release 3:00 PM
Quarters (double flighted) 3:30pm-4:30pm
Topic Release 5:00 PM
Semis 5:30pm-6pm
Topic Release 6:15 PM
Finals 6:45pm-7:05pm
Awards 7:30 PM