Magnum Opus International Speech and Drama Competition

2021 — Online, BC/CA

Welcome to Magnum Opus International Speech and Debate competition!

The Magnum Opus International Speech and Drama Competitions aim to encourage young people to master the art of public speaking, speech arts and drama. It also encourages a deeper appreciation of literature, the spoken word and drama. The unique experience will empower youth for a lifetime of success in their personal and professional lives.

Participation: All events will be held asynchronously.

Age Categories: Middle School (Grade 5-8) ;  High School (Grade 9-12).

Video Submission Deadline: Please submit all video links by July 5th.  

Judge: Judge is not required. 

Adjudication:  Pre-recorded participants will record themselves at their own locations and submit a YouTube video links (URL) of their performance. An adjudicator will adjudicate the recorded performance remotely, but not in real time. Results will be available in July.


Please contact if you have any questions.